The priest of God

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03 January 2023

Although the battle between the human adventurers and the elves now looks fierce, Ye Huo understands that in fact the casualties on both sides are not serious. Only a few hundred elves and ten thousand human adventurers died in ten days. This number may sound terrible, but in fact it is nothing at all. Even the sparsely populated elves have more than a million elves stationed in front of the city of Yas, and countless humans. Usually the two countries war, a battle may die more than this number, so Ye Huo although the greed of human beings some sad, but did not care about this battle, he just want to see if the elves can completely wash away their arrogance through this time. Unexpectedly, let the elf get away! The archer's speed is too fast! Ye Huo looked at a team of adventurers in front of him, cursing and returning. It was obvious that they should have just fought with an elf archer. From their injuries, they knew that their eight-man team should have suffered losses under the elves. What ran away! If he doesn't leave, we'll probably have more than just those two people dead! Said a human female mage next to him. Nonsense, my trick is ready soon, once my trick comes out, the elf will die! The man who looked like a regimental commander was somewhat unconvinced and said. Buzz! Are you shameless? From the beginning when you recruited us,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, you said you had some nirvana skills, but in normal combat, I saw you jumping up and down by the elves'arrows. Why didn't I see where your unique skills were? The female mage is obviously not very happy. Still talking about me! I would have taken him down if you idiots couldn't even pin him down and let the genie keep shooting at me! And do you know why the genie keeps shooting at me? Asked the fellow named Buzz. The other seven were not very happy to be called an idiot by Buss, but they were more interested in Buss's problems, so they all shook their heads for a moment. Obviously, the guy must have known that I could do him a lot of harm,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, so he wanted to finish me first! Bass's shamelessness, even Ye Huo, who was passing by, couldn't help laughing. Hello! What are you laughing at, boy? Hearing Ye Huo's laughter, this Bass shouted at Ye Huo. Ye Huo turned to look at this Bass, a sixth-order division, the strength is not bad, but naturally there is no comparison with him. Ye Huo smiled and said, "It's nothing. I'm laughing at a cow." "A cow?" Eight people froze when they heard Ye Huo say so. Yes, a cow's Niubi was accidentally borrowed by someone to brag. As a result, Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet ,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, the man bragged Niubi and did not return it to the cow. Do you think the cow is ridiculous? Ye Huo pretended to say. As soon as Ye Huo's words came out of his mouth, the eight people were stunned at first, and then all the other seven people laughed except Bass! Ye Huo is obviously satirizing that Bass has no ability to brag. Bass was so teased by Ye Huo that his face turned red! With one hand, he pulled out the one-handed sword on his back and said, "Boy, you make me angry!"! Do you dare to accept my challenge? Bass looked at Ye Huo dressed as a farmer, but also in Ye Huo did not feel any big fluctuations in power, naturally like the guards will Ye Huo as a cheap guy to come in.  Of the team, except for the two who died, the remaining eight were definitely half of them. And Fanny's side in addition to her own strong point, the other is the fifth order warrior, how can this be compared with their own side of the four sixth order division? If he really started fighting,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, Buzz would make Fanny suffer. Volume VIII Chapter 427 Zongzi Updated: 2010-10-3 18:06:13 Words in this Chapter: 3064 Looking at the eight teammates who had just finished fighting with the elves, Ye Huo shook his head helplessly from a comrade-in-arms to an enemy confronting each other. Such a wild team can't be organized. Such a team can become like this because of a few words. If it's a battle, how can such teammates give you any sense of security?.

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