TWI Job Instruction – Help Perform Necessary Job Skills

TWI Job Instruction – Help Perform Necessary Job Skills
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Looking to elevate frontline skills and safety while commencing process stability and job satisfaction? Job Instruction training (JI) is introductory because it builds stability in your processes. Usually, Job Instructions train your people to breakdown an existing job and develop the best way to do it. Stability process is best generated across all workers and lays a compact foundation for continuous improvement programs.

Usually, TWI job instruction is focused on the people who supervise the workers and the workers themselves. This program not merely focus on building skills but as well on building confidence in what the job include. In the present scenario, JI provides a proven and reliable system for elevating the kind of employee engagement and participation that advances ongoing or planned continuous improvement, kaizen, lean and operational excellence initiatives.

TWI job instruction method is just ideal for teaching workers to perform necessary job skills, with an emphasis on performing job correctly and safely, ramping up to productivity on the new skill(s) as quickly as possible and reducing waste and damage.

One may experience impressive results with Job Instruction and those include increased output, reduced training time, fewer job sites accidents and errors and higher job satisfaction.

Whether you’re a new business or start up, with JI teams, you can stay nimble yet confident that processes remain unchanged despite being performed by different people at different times. TWI, or Training Within Industry, focuses on building on frontline leaders’ existing experience by teaching them a systematic process for improving the skill level of their direct report.

The TWI program operates under the logic that effective leaders are determined by a combination of knowledge and skills. Generally TWI was designed for experienced employees with deep knowledge of the work, processes and scope of their responsibilities to aid them develop the skills needed to effectively lead their teams.

The TWI programs break down into three managerial skills that play a crucial role in frontline managers through hands-on learning and practice.

Job Instruction (JI)

It is true that Job Instruction is the first installment in the TWI training series which focuses on getting employees fully trained and contributing to top-line goals in the shortest amount of time, and at the same time preventing the issues that can arise from receiving poor instruction. It won’t be wrong to say that JI establishes a single best method for doing the job and allows a trainer to quickly transfer knowledge to a learner and at same time verify comprehension using an easy four-step method.

Other TWI methods you may find crucial in training your staff are TWI Job Relation, and TWI Job Methods. Proper implementation of TWI methods may benefit in boosting employee retention, streamlining the training process, capturing knowledge from experienced employees, establishing and maintaining standardized work, creating a safer work environment, and sustaining improvement efforts. 

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