Importance of Training Within Industry for Your Organization Development

Importance of Training Within Industry for Your Organization Development
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Supervisor Academy is dedicated to provide off-the-shelf training package that develops essential leadership skills and help supervisors to dramatically increase their performance. We provide several TWI programs and each of them focused on developing one key supervisor skill.

At, our TWI training enable supervisors to learn to develop mesmerizing jobs skills in their teams (TWI Job Instruction - TWI JI), improve methods & processes of the work performed in their area (TWI Job Methods - TWI JM), solve people problems and motivating staff (TWI Job Relations - TWI JR), anticipate safety risks in people and their work environment (TWI Job Safety - TWI JS), manage daily production to get better results (TWI Production Management - TWI PM), do and lead problem solving to prevent problem recurrence (TWI Problem Solving - TWI PS).

We at Supervisor academy offer proper training programs to develop a common language for the improvement of your employees and distinctive organizational culture. Our TWI training programs easily optimize your resources and ultimately ensure to achieve desired result rapidly.

Training Within Industry enables your organization to engage your entire workforce in rapid, daily improvement and to grow the problem-solving skills of supervisors & their teams. Gradually, it speed up and put great impact on your business operations and strategy operations. By doing this, Toyota Kata boosts the deployment speed & impact of your operations strategy & operations excellence program.

Importance of Training Within Industry for Your Organization Development

At, our All Training within Industry programs are short and hands-on, featuring practical 4-step routines so that can be easily formulated through repeated application. With the help of repetition supervisors, we develop solid skills and daily habits to easily transform your business operation culture improve operating results.

Our TWI Job Instruction purpose is to accelerate on-boarding of new employees and to improve the performance of experienced employees. With the help of this training program, supervisors learn how to deliver effective on the job training that ensures people reliably perform every task exactly the way it should be done to get consistently good results.

The purpose of TWI Job Relations is to improve staff engagement, boost attitudes, behaviors and relationships and accelerate change. Its use easily develops your managers and supervisors’ capability to build full trust, collaboration and engagement of their teams. It also boosts the pace of process improvement and builds your competitive edge faster, it also does this with a much happier, more creative workforce than otherwise possible.

TWI Job Methods develops your supervisors’ capability in leading their teams in rapid, continuous improvement. With the help of this method, they easily generate and implement many more high-quality improvement ideas and boost workplace and elevate productivity. 

Contact us to meet your need of Training Within Industry including supervisor skills development, team training and operation performance improvement etc. Browse our website to know more about our services.

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