Top 5 food and beverage pairings to try at an Italian restaurant in Sukhumvit

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You are definitely a pizza lover if you know various ways to get enchanted by a pizza. You may have tried unique flavor combinations before. But today you will get amazed by the unique wine and cocktail pairings suggested in this post. Next time when you visit an Italian restaurant in Sukhumvit do try these top rated pizza dishes and along with the recommended drink pairing. 


Which drink pairing makes Parma Ham Burrata pizza the best pizza Bangkok?

It is a thin crust pizza topped with creamy burrata cheese. The flavors are made even more interesting with sweet cherry tomatoes along with good quality Parma ham and fragrant fresh basil. Every bite of this dish is nothing less than an explosion of Italian flavors in your mouth. 


Did you know you can make the rich and savory flavors of this pizza even more appealing?  Do try it with a crisp refreshing Pinot Grigio. Your other option is a sparkling Prosecco. The acidity of these wines perfectly cleans your palate. So that you can enjoy delicate flavors of the pizza in each bite.

Top 5 food and beverage pairings to try at an Italian restaurant in Sukhumvit


What to pair with mascarpone tartufo pizza at a dinner restaurant Bangkok

The  decadent flavors of mascarpone tartufo pizza are perfect for a fine dining experience in Bangkok. This pizza comes with creamy mascarpone cheese, earthy black and white truffles, peppery arugula salad, caramelized onions and tasty San Daniele ham. 


The toppings itself offer the ultimate taste sensation. But you can pair this luxurious pizza with a full bodied Chardonnay to make things even more exciting. Another option is a smooth and velvety Merlot. Always try rich wines with bold flavors of pizza. The pairing is perfect to tantalize your taste buds.


Smoked Salmon Pizza: Which drink to pair with the best pizza in Sukhhumvit?

The smoked salmon pizza is the #1 choice of seafood lovers. It has tender smoked salmon cooked with crisp asparagus. The taste is further enhanced with juicy cherry tomatoes as well as peppery arugula salad. Food loves like the texture of this pizza. Since smoke salmon and asparagus has delicate flavors we recommend you to pair this pizza with a light fruity Pinot Noir. You may also try a crisp and citrusy Sauvignon Blanc. These wines will complement the seafood flavors. Plus these drinks would add a refreshing touch to your dish.


How to enhance the taste of the very popular Pizza Cantina?

The heart Pizza Cantina is a top rated choice to sink your teeth in. Available at a popular Italian restaurant in Sukhumvit this dish comes loaded with savory pork sausage, earthy mushrooms and aromatic white truffle oil. This comfort food classic is paired perfectly with a bold and robust Cabernet Sauvignon. The intense flavors can also be complemented with a smooth and velvety Malbec. Try this pairing to experience depth and complexity in every bite.


Top 5 food and beverage pairings to try at an Italian restaurant in Sukhumvit


Whick drink goes best with Tartufo & Formaggi pizza?

The luxurious flavors of a Tartufo & Formaggi Pizza are known to many. The creamy fontina cheese, gooey mozzarella and aromatic white truffle oil feature nothing but richness. 

We recommend pairing this pizza with a dry and crisp Pinot Grigio. You may also love a fruity and floral Riesling to complement the rich flavor of this pizza. These pairings will balance the creamy cheese flavors and enhance the earthy notes of the truffle oil.



The perfect pizza deserves the perfect drink pairing. So we have compiled a list of ideal matches for top pizza options in the menu. Check out the amazing delicacies at Cantina Restaurant. It is an authentic Italian restaurant to try the best pizza and the best pasta in Bangkok. 

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