Must Try Japanese dishes in Sukhumvit’s Premier Restaurants in Bangkok

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29 September 2023

The culinary scenes of Sukhumvit are very vibrant. In fact, if you are in Bangkok and searching for authentic delicacies, you should go to a Japanese restaurant in SukhumvitIt is a famous food district to find a range of authentic delicacies. Let’s talk about the top 5 must try dishes that are making waves in the food district of Bangkok.


Wagyu Hand Roll


Indulge in the sumptuous delight of a Wagyu beef hand roll. This exquisite dish combines the melt-in-your-mouth tenderness of Wagyu beef with the satisfying crunch of nori (seaweed) and the subtle sweetness of sushi rice. The beef is often lightly seared, enhancing its rich flavor and elevating the entire experience. With a touch of wasabi and soy sauce, each bite is a harmonious blend of textures and tastes. Find an authentic Japanese bar and restaurant in Sukhumvit to create a memorable explosion of umami goodness.


Must Try Japanese dishes in Sukhumvit’s Premier Restaurants in Bangkok


Ohmi Wagyu Tataki 


Ohmi Wagyu tataki is a masterpiece of culinary artistry that you can surely find at the Best Japanese Restaurant in Sukhumvit. This dish features thin slices of premium Ohmi Wagyu beef, briefly seared to lock in its succulent juiciness. The tataki is often accompanied by a zesty ponzu sauce, which adds a citrusy and savory dimension to the tender beef. It has a garnish of finely chopped spring onions.  The Ohmi Wagyu tataki gets its unique taste from the yuzu ponzu sauce that offers a harmonious contrast of flavors and textures. 




Kanzo is a delicacy that captivates Robata meat enthusiasts. Lovers of Japanese cuisine must try the marinated chicken liver in Sukhumvit. It boasts a buttery and briny flavor with a creamy, custard-like texture. Often served fresh and unadorned, kanzo lets its natural essence shine through. The subtle sweetness and oceanic essence of this delicacy come from a unique recipe of Peruvia Africa sauce. 




For a unique culinary experience, savor hatsu, or chicken hearts, grilled to perfection. They offer a slightly chewy texture with a savory, charred exterior, perfectly complemented by a sprinkle of salt or a drizzle of tare sauce. Next time you visit the Best Japanese Restaurant Sukhumvitdon’t forget to try Hatsu.


Must Try Japanese dishes in Sukhumvit’s Premier Restaurants in Bangkok


Wafu Oyster


Indulge in the treasures of the sea with wafu oysters. These plump, briny delights are prepared with a wafu sauce—a Japanese-style vinaigrette featuring soy sauce, vinegar, and sesame oil. The sauce enhances the oysters’ natural flavors, delivering an unforgettable burst of umami with each bite.

Final words

Each of these Japanese dishes adds a unique dimension to the culinary landscape of Sukhumvit, Bangkok. Whether you’re savoring the richness of Wagyu beef in a hand roll, relishing the subtlety of Ohmi Wagyu tataki, or embracing the sea’s bounty through kanzo, hatsu, and wafu oyster, you can relish these delicacies at Yankii Restaurant. It is the Best Japanese Restaurant in Bangkok, recognized for its fresh take on Japanese authentic taste. Make reservations at Yankii for dishes prepared with high quality ingredients.

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