TOP 5 best video games during the health crisis

TOP 5 best video games during the health crisis
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24 July 2022

As the health crisis is about to come to an end, it is time to look back at the past 2 years. On the gaming side, several must-have games have already been released on our platforms, so it was time to reward the work of the different studios...

For many reasons, 2020 has been a special and historic year. Health measures have had an impact on all sectors, and video games have not escaped. Many conventions could not take place and we had to turn to stream to attend memorable events. As for video games, several releases were delayed, like Cyberpunk 2077, which had several dates before finally being released in December (and having a rather eventful start).

Some masterpieces not to be missed

In spite of all these problems, the year 2020 will remain memorable because it didn't prevent publishers from giving us a good dose of must-have titles. If these last 12 months have also offered us a good dose of completely missed titles, we can't say that we haven't been spoiled, between the new versions of FIFA, Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed, or some visual treasures such as Ghost of Tsushima or Genshin Impact... If 2021 promises to be an even richer year in terms of novelties, especially thanks to the PS5, here are the 5 best games of the year 2020:

5. Streets of Rage 4

For the youngest among us, Streets of Rage is a beat-them saga of the SEGA Mega Drive that started in 1991 and whose last episode was released in... 1994!

26 years later, this fourth one offers us a return to the roots with sumptuous graphics, many playable characters, an online or local co-op mode, a versus mode, and very good gameplay.

4. Ori and the Will of the Wisps

In this 2D platform game, the player embodies Ori, a forest spirit, in the continuation of his adventures after the first game, "Ori and the Blind Forest".

It is a game with demanding gameplay, which can be compared to Hollow Knight for the connoisseurs. It will put you to the test, but the emotions it will make you live will be worth it.

3. Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

The power of nostalgia is often greater than 9000 and here, it does all the work. Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot offers to play as Goku and some of his friends in this RPG revisiting the whole DBZ saga.

If you can get past the dated graphics and the often dispensable side quests, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot remains a great experience for all fans of the saga, available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

2. Resident Evil 3

After its Resident Evil 2 Remake in 2019, Capcom continues to revisit its cult saga with a new version of the 3rd episode.

Return to Raccoon City as Jill Valentine with updated gameplay, reworked graphics, and many new features.

1. Doom Eternal

After having popularized the FPS genre in 1993, Doom had to live up to its legacy. It's done with a new episode always more gruff and enjoyable.

And far from being a simple video game butchery, Doom also offers sumptuous graphics and smart gameplay for a memorable experience.

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