Top 2 Eicher Trucks for the Mining Operations

Top 2 Eicher Trucks for the Mining Operations
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26 December 2023

When the road gets rough and the load gets heavy, it's time to bring heavy-duty trucks from Eicher. The Eicher trucks have powerful engines to incline through mud and conquer terrains. 

Besides fuel efficiency and cutting-edge safety technology, Eicher trucks offer comfort cabins that keep you fresh and focused, mile after mile. 

So, when your toughest jobs need taming, don't settle for anything less than an Eicher truck models. Read about the given models for conquering the roads. 

1. Eicher Pro 3019 Truck

  • Engine: E494, 4 Cylinder, BS6
  • Power: 180 HP
  • GVW: 18500 kg
  • Wheelbase: 4490/5490/6690 MM
  • Fuel Tank: 190/425 Ltr

The Eicher Pro 3019 is ready to tackle any challenge. Its robust engine delivers unwavering power, effortlessly hauling your cargo through demanding terrains. 

Moreover, the agile chassis maneuvers with precision, navigating tight spaces and winding roads with ease. Additionally, the fuel-efficient technology keeps your operating costs low. 

Besides advanced safety features and intuitive controls, the Pro 3019 boasts a versatile payload capacity, adapting to diverse needs. This Eicher truck is available at a price range of Rs. 25.90 - 28.18 Lakh.

2. Eicher Pro 3015 Truck

  • Engine: E494 4V TCI BS6 (CRS Diesel)
  • Power: 160 HP
  • GVW: 16371 kg
  • Wheelbase: 4490 MM
  • Fuel Tank: 190/425 Ltr.

The Eicher Pro 3015 isn't just a truck; it's a workhorse built for relentless performance. Its powerful engine, a 160 HP beast, tackles any challenge with unwavering grit. Moreover, the agile chassis drifts through tight spaces with ease, making it perfect for construction sites. 

Additionally, fuel-efficient technology keeps your operating costs low, while the comfortable cabin ensures driver well-being. 

Besides, advanced safety features like ABS and airbags prioritize your protection. The Eicher Pro 3015 model falls within the range of Rs. 25.01 Lakh - Rs. 26.01 Lakh.

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