Exploring Truck Driver Salaries, Top Semi Truck Brands, Used Commercial Trucks, and Major Trucking Companies in Canada

Exploring Truck Driver Salaries, Top Semi Truck Brands, Used Commercial Trucks, and Major Trucking Companies in Canada
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In our previous article, we delved into the process of becoming a truck driver. Now, let's shift our focus to understanding the remuneration aspects of truck driving in Canada. Being a trucker in this vast nation offers a unique opportunity to explore its diverse landscapes. This article will shed light on the salary ranges, key considerations, and the thriving demand for truck drivers in Canada.

Truck Driver Salaries in Canada:

For individuals with experience and qualifications, truck driving in Canada can yield an annual income ranging from $48,750 to $82,875 CAD. Various factors influence these earnings, such as skill level, training, work experience, language proficiency in English and French, and the intended province of operation. On average, a truck driver in Canada earns $49,718 CAD annually or $25.50 per hour. Entry-level positions typically start at $34,125 CAD per year. Notably, the demand for truck drivers is on the rise, with a predicted shortage of 25,000 positions by 2023. The current truck driver unemployment rate in Canada is 3.3%, significantly lower than the national average of 5.8%.

Provincial Variances in Salaries:

The average salaries for truck drivers in various provinces in Canada are as follows:

- Alberta: $54,151 CAD

- Ontario: $47,482 CAD

- British Columbia: $48,905 CAD

- Saskatchewan: $49,101 CAD

- Northwest Territories: $52,650 CAD

Top Semi Truck Brands in Canada:

Navigating Canada's diverse terrains requires reliable and adaptable semi trucks. Here are some noteworthy brands for owner-operators and fleet managers:

  1. Volvo:

Owning 13.9% of the Canadian commercial truck market, Volvo is renowned for innovations like autonomous trucks and electric vehicles. Their connectivity features and in-cab comfort make them ideal for long-haul truckers.

  1. International:

Claiming 36% of Class 7 truck sales in 2018, International focuses on fuel efficiency. The 2020 International LT Series aims to improve aerodynamics, enhancing fuel economy by 8.2%.

  1. Freightliner:

With 75 years of experience, Freightliner employs a Detroit powertrain and is researching a transition from diesel engines to hydrogen fuel cells for reduced emissions.

  1. Peterbilt:

Known for comfort, Peterbilt trucks use SmartAir for fuel savings. In 2020, the company plans to introduce electric vehicles, starting with 16 units and expanding to 36.

  1. Mack:

Mack trucks, designed for diverse climates, prioritize fuel efficiency and often use natural gas instead of diesel. Their Absorbent Glass Mat batteries handle temperature changes effectively.

  1. Kenworth:

Partnering with Toyota, Kenworth is working on Class 8 trucks with hydrogen fuel cells for zero emissions. These trucks offer top-notch sleeper cabs and advanced infotainment systems.

Tips for Finding a Used Commercial Truck:

Considering the significant investment, exploring used commercial trucks is a practical approach. Key factors to consider include history, maintenance records, accident checks, quality assessments, mileage, and horsepower/towing capacity.

Major Trucking Companies in Canada:

The Canadian trucking industry, generating $39.55 billion CAD in 2018, boasts various companies. Some notable ones include TFI International Inc., Mullen Group, Day & Ross, and Bison Transport. Each has its unique strengths and operational focus, contributing to the vibrant trucking landscape in Canada.


This comprehensive guide covers essential aspects of trucking in Canada, from salaries and truck brands to considerations for purchasing used commercial trucks and insights into major trucking companies. For further details, visit our website www.eldmandate.biz/blogs and explore our products at www.eldmandate.biz/pricing.

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