Step-By-Step Plan on How to Find the Best English Teaching Job in Korea

Step-By-Step Plan on How to Find the Best English Teaching Job in Korea
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Have you always dreamt of going to Korea and landing the best ESL academy job of your choice? But didn't from where to do you start on what aspects you should start looking for or applying for the job. Finding any job, be it an English teaching job in a foreign country, is quite a task for any person, and most fail at this initial stage. 

However, in this case, count yourself lucky if you have the necessary skills to land an English teaching job in Korea. Then, in this article, we have put together a step-by-step guide that could soak out the pressure and direct you towards a path that needs to be followed for it.

  • Calling An Advisor And Conducting Research 

The first step towards your ultimate goal would be choosing to call a professional advisor who is acquainted with all the aspects of teaching English in South Korea across all levels of education. After calling the advisor, make sure you ask them all the questions for which you have queries and clear any doubts before you proceed with the applications.

  • Enrolling Yourself In A TEFL Course

Earning a TEFL certification will provide you with all the necessary skills required to function successfully as a language teacher in any part of the world, such as Korea.

One of the added advantages of getting yourself certified with the TEFL course would be the guidance you will get regarding which school or college could be perfect for you in Korea. 

  • Start Preparing For Your Job Search.

After enrolling in your TEFL certification course, the next step would be starting to prepare your job search efficiently. Collect and keep all your essential documents in one place and see if they match the profile required to land the job. Then, decide which school or college you want to be the English teacher of, public or public?

  • Apply And Sit For Interviews For English Teaching Jobs

Can you single out the job as per your preference and tick all the necessary boxes to crack it? Then, start applying for those roles and wait some time to know if you have been selected and called for an interview. In most cases, interviews are done through video calls, and if you manage to ace the interview, consider yourself one step towards achieving your dream.

  • Signing The Contract And Making All The Visa Arrangements

Finally, it would be time for you to sign the contract sent by the institution from where you have selected for the English teaching job. But the process doesn't end here. Lastly, visiting your nearest Korean embassy and consulate would be best to collect the new E2 teaching visa, a mandatory requirement in Korea.


Settling into a foreign country like Korea for the job of your dream may not be accessible a task as you thought it would be, but that is something you need to prepare yourself mentally. And hopefully, after reading the above article, you are now quite accustomed to the steps that need to be followed for that English teaching job.


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