Know More about the ESL Academy

Know More about the ESL Academy
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Whenever we speak of pop culture, we used to think of some Hollywood stars until recently, when the whole scenario changed. Now everyone is looking East, and there is no denying that learning Korean is a trend. The connection of how once a less spoken language has seen a significant boom with the help of their cultural popularity is an incredible story.

Learn Korean

It would be an incredible journey if you could learn Korean from the eminent teachers of Korea itself. This is one of the most incredible journeys you can undertake, and the ESL Academy can significantly help you in your journey.

We know that surviving in Korea without prior knowledge of the subject can be a bit difficult, and hence we assure you that you will take a Korean course from the academy's teachers.

Teach in Korea

Other than learning Korean, if you are not a South Korean citizen, then you can consider teaching as a prospective job in Korea. There are plenty of ESL Jobs in Korea that will enable you to teach English in schools, colleges, universities, and whatnot. You can permanently save considerable money and enjoy your days in Korea if you want to. 

Things To Know About Teaching in Korea

You need to know a few things before going for ESL Jobs in Korea.There are different teaching jobs that you can take, and here are a few of the types of teaching jobs you can get.

  1. Government-sponsored Projects- There are several programs you can be a part of if you are from any native English-speaking country or are fluent in English. In some of these, you need to be with a teacher as an assistant and help them with all the essentials. There are three types of programs SOME, GEPIK, and EPIK. 
  2. Recruitment Companies- You can be a part of any recruitment company that can help you to get placed in any school or university that needs a dedicated English teacher. 
  3. University- you can start teaching at a University once you have gained experience as a teacher for one year in Korea. You can also apply if you have a master’s degree.

These are the three places where you can consider working if you are someone who wants to teach in Korea.

Perks as a Teacher

Staying in Korea as a professional teacher can be a pretty excellent job, and you can be paid decently and have the time to visit Korea during your off days. If you fantasize about living in Korea, you can take help from the ESL Academy and become a teacher in Korea. 


In conclusion, you need to understand that you will get some perks like housing, fooding, health insurance, etc. These can help you lead a happy life in Korea and make the dream of moving to Korea come true. 




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