Short-term Housing Options for Students in Preston

Short-term Housing Options for Students in Preston
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18 August 2023

If you are looking for an overseas city where you could get quality education then Preston is one of the good options. In Preston, you not only find an excellent education but also get some wonderful student accommodations.

There are accommodations available in Preston for students with all types of requirements and preferences. You can find accommodation properties with high-end amenities as well as some properties with simple features. Moreover, accommodations in different price ranges are available in Preston and students with low, high, and medium budgets can acquire a place to stay here.

In addition, you can also find accommodations for different stay durations in Preston. On one hand, you can find properties with long-term accommodations, such as iQ Kopa, Urban Hub, Leighton Hall, Canterbury Hall Preston, and more; on the other hand, there are some properties available for those students who want accommodation for the short term.

Here, you will read about the popular student accommodation properties available in Preston with short-term accommodations.

Jubilee Court

Jubilee Court is one of the accommodation properties available in Preston where students who want short-term accommodation can book a place to stay. Accommodations are available for both short-term and long-term in this property.

If you want to book accommodation for the short term then you can book it for 17 weeks. The options for 42, 44, 46, and 48 weeks are also available here.

This accommodation property has two types of housing units, which include studios and ensuite rooms. Studios can be found with both single-occupancy and double-occupancy options.

In the complex of the property, you can find a cinema where you can visit to have good entertainment. Moreover, there is also a communal TV for more entertainment. A games room is also here where residents can have fun by playing pool and table tennis.

The property has a central heating system for keeping the property warm. A Wi-Fi internet connection is provided to all the residents so they can connect the internet to all their gadgets with the Wi-Fi feature.

There is also a laundry room where you can get your clothes washed and put a good impression on others as well as take care of your hygiene. There is also a bicycle storage space in the complex where you can park your bicycle with full safety.

Security features you find in Jubilee Court are CCTV cameras and secure door entry.

Victoria Court

Victoria Court is a property for student accommodation Preston with two types of units: studios and apartments. If you want to book accommodation for a short term, you can book a bedroom in an apartment for 23 weeks. You can also book a bedroom or a studio for 51 weeks.

Inside all accommodations, you get study desks and chairs for your studies. There is also a wardrobe where you can put your clothes organized and safe. You also get an internet connection with Wi-Fi signals in Victoria Court so you can connect your gadgets to the internet and do all your online tasks. The heating system can also be found in all the units.

You can spend your leisure time watching TV. You also get the laundry on the property to get the washed clothes for going outside and to maintain your hygiene.

CCTV cameras are installed throughout the property so any suspicious activity and person can be detected easily and this is why students and belongings are fully safe here. Besides, a 24/7 security staff is also available in Victoria Court for the safety of the residents.

Some More Things to Know

Some students also consider a 44-week accommodation as a short-term accommodation. Many properties offer 44-week accommodations in Preston such as Walker Street, Moor Lane Halls, Grange Court, Silk Mill, and Foundry Court Preston.

You can get student accommodations with all stay durations on online student accommodation service platforms. On these platforms, you find lists of several student housing properties in different cities in the world including Preston. You also get a filter feature on these platforms through which you can filter the lists on the basis of stay durations as well as many other criteria.

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