Shia Muslim Wedding - The Lesser Known Traditions

Shia Muslim Wedding - The Lesser Known Traditions
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The Muslim population of the world is made up of two main sects, the Shias and the Sunnis. Traditionally, marriages from the two groups were characterized by a unique set of rituals and rites and intersect marriages were less common. However with the changing times, the differences in these traditions are slowly fading away and people are adopting a more standard way of conducting marriages that are marked by brevity yet intense pomp.

Listed here are a few traditions from the Shia community that are less popular and are often overlooked in the modern era.


The most unique feature of a Shia wedding is the olden tradition of a temporary marriage setting. Shias in olden days entered into an agreement that contained a predetermined period for the marriage. A formal divorce was not required and it was completely in the hands of the couple if they wish or not to take forward their marriage after the review pact completion date. However, Shia weddings today are a permanent one and the marriage agreement does not include a stipulated time for the marital life of the couple.


Mangni refers to the practice during which the groom's family visits the home of the bride and gifts a golden ring, the same is done by the family of the bride to the groom, the following day. In modern Shia weddings a single formal engagement ceremony is arranged for the exchange of rings between the bride and the groom. The engagement is usually conducted in a banquet hall or in a community building.


Shia Muslim wedding offer a good dose of fun through their rituals and unique practices. On the day before the wedding, the girl partitions her hair into small braids and the married women of the family DateMyAge later unbraid her hair and nurture it with fresh coconut oil. The ritual usually precedes the Mehendi ceremony and is marked by fun and laughter.


Days before the wedding, the female relatives of the bride organise a prayer meeting at the bride's home. They also invite the groom's women relatives and together read the holy book of Quran. This practice is considered as a good start for the wedding celebrations and is a way of evoking Allah's blessing into all marriage related endeavours.

Recitation of Poems and traditional songs

While Bollywood music often lightens up the Shia wedding venues these days, little do we know about the significance of poems and short stories recitals at these marriages. Poems in praise of Allah and anecdotes about marriages of literary characters and also the recitation of the holy Quran filled the marriage venues in earlier days.

A Shia wedding is a beautiful celebration of love and together and a true feast to the guests. Filled with unique rituals and rich festivities, this Muslim Matrimony celebration brings a lot of happiness and fond memories into the hearts of the newly wedded couples, their family, and friends and to every guest at the wedding.


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