30 Lesser Known Facts about Marketing

30 Lesser Known Facts about Marketing

They are mostly clueless about the standard industry numbers.

30 Lesser Known Facts about Marketing

Email Marketing

  1. Email opens on smart phones and tablets have raised 80% over last 6 months.
  2. Average ROI on Email Marketing campaign is $44.25 for every dollar spent.

85% of people prefer to give their email for an e-book instead of a promotion tweet.

30 Lesser Known Facts about Marketing


  1. Blogs give sites more Indexed Pages(367% more)and more Indexed Links(97% more).
  2. Blogs are 63% more likely than magazines to have an impact on consumer decisions.

5x traffic comes to businesses that blog more than 15 times per month, as compared to companies that don’t blog.


  1. A page that ranks in the Top 10 has a 2000-word content length average.
  2. More than 1,500 words in a post, results in 22.6% more Facebook likes and 68.1% more tweets.
  3. Posts with title length between 10 to 18 words are on average more liked than those with less or more.
  4. Image-rich articles receive 94% more views.
  5. Publishers who use Infographic grow in traffic, an average of 12% more than those who don’t.

Companies see a 55% increase in leads by changing the number of pages from 10 to 15.

List Posts

  1. List posts get 200% more likes than normal posts.
  2. List Posts with images get 333% more likes than normal posts.

Lists posts with images and videos get 567% more likes than normal posts.

30 Lesser Known Facts about Marketing


  1. 86% more conversions can be achieved by including videos on landing pages.
  2. Compared to regular posts, videos receive 267% more engagement.
  3. Within the first 90 seconds, 58% of your viewers will stop watching your video.
  4. While just 20% of people will read text with the same exact topic, the other 80% will watch a video.
  5. While only 10% of what is read is retained by readers, 58% of what is seen is.

Videos keep prospect customers on site, for 2 mins longer on average.

Online Shopping

On the way to making a purchase, the typical consumer reads 11 customer reviews.

  1. Average Click Through rate of Banner Advertising is 2.1%.
  2. Personalized Emails improve Click Through Rate by 14% and Conversion Rates by 10%.
  3. Consumers who receive Email Marketing order 28% more often.
  4. Consumers who receive Email Marketing make orders 44% larger
  5. Consumers who receive Email Marketing spends 83% more when shopping.
  6. 67% of consumers say that quality of product image is very important in selecting and purchasing a product.

Closing Thoughts

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