Samsung - GOOD NEWS!

Samsung - GOOD NEWS!
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08 May 2022

The Galaxy S22 Ultra is arguably the best phone  at the moment which was launched with several key   enhancements in its arsenal. Better displays, S  Pen to name a few. But the S22 Ultra's biggest   upgrades came with its cameras. Even though there  are no major changes to its camera hardware,   the phone still saw a significant improvement in  quality and offered some cool camera features.   This was made possible by the camera software.  As you know smartphone cameras these days are   part hardware and part software. You don't need  the latest hardware to get the best results.   So since many of the new camera features  of the S22 Ultra are software-based,   a lot of you were wondering will we see  these features get back-ported to older   Samsung flagships?

Well, absolutely and  that's exactly what Samsung is doing.   Samsung has announced that they will be  back-porting the S22 Ultra camera features to   their older flagships which include the Note 20,  S20, S21, and the Galaxy Z series Foldables.  

Now, what are these camera features you might  ask. Well, the first one is, Improved nighttime   portraits where you can now use the telephoto  camera in Portrait mode for night photography.   Improved auto-framing function: Where the  camera will automatically zooms in and out   and pans around to keep up to 10 people in the  frame. You can also use this for video calls.   But interestingly, the S20 and Note 20 series  aren't included in the list for some reason.  

Next. Improved camera quality for third-party  apps: With the S22 Samsung worked closely with   Tiktok, Instagram, and Snapchat making  its exclusive camera features directly   accessible from within their user interface  which improved the quality substantially.   Well, Samsung is backporting that feature  to the S21 and third-gen Z Foldables.  

Again, the S20 and Note 20 aren't included. Also the Z Fold 3 is getting support for the   Expert RAW app. In addition, the Pro mode  in the main camera app now works with the   telephoto camera as well. The update is currently  rolling out in South Korea but should be available   globally in the next coming days. 

With that being said, the color options   for the upcoming foldables the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and  Flip 4 have been revealed by the display analyst   Ross Young. According to him, the Z Fold 4  will be available in three color options:   beige, black, and gray. While the Z  Flip 4, on the other hand, will hit   the market in four color options: gold,  gray, light blue, and light violet.   To be honest, really disappointed with  the color options for the Z Fold 4.   Its predecessor was also offered in bland colors  and now they are again doing bland colors.   Why not give the S22 Ultra's color options. That  burgundy and green look really good. Who in the   world would want a beige-colored phone? 

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