Samsung Galaxy S23 - Finally a MUCH NEEDED Upgrade

Samsung Galaxy S23 - Finally a MUCH NEEDED Upgrade
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Samsung is the world's biggest smartphone  maker, and one of the reasons for Samsung's   immense popularity is their Galaxy S lineup.  Their S series made its debut on June 4, 2010,   and since then it’s become the phone line most  people think of when Android is mentioned.   In fact, it is the most popular  Android phone series of all time.  

The Galaxy S23 lineup is expected to carry  this legacy forward, we know quite a lot   about the S23 Ultra already. From a new faster  and more efficient chipset, new faster storage,   a new camera system, and more. But today  let's talk about the regular S23 and S23 Plus   and finally a much-needed upgrade that these two  handsets are getting after a span of 4 years.  

You see Samsung used a 10MP selfie camera on the  S10 back in 2019 which was an upgrade over the   S9's 8MP front-facing camera. And ever since  Samsung didn't bother upgrading this camera,   the S20, S21, and S22 all featured the same camera  except the Ultra models. Now it's finally changing   as GalaxyClub which has a good reputation claim  that Samsung will upgrade the selfie camera on   the S23 and S23+ to 12MP. This new sensor has a  bigger size, which means it will perform better   in low light conditions. Plus, it will also deliver  improved electronic stabilization for videos.  

Now there's no information about whether  or not the S23 Ultra's front camera is also   seeing an upgrade from the 40MP on the S22  Ultra, I guess we'll know soon enough.   With that said, Samsung just unveiled its second  200MP HM3 sensor and since the S23 Ultra is   expected to have a 200MP camera, many are claiming  that this HM3 sensor is the one that will end up   on the S23 Ultra. Well, that is not true. A quick  look at its spec sheet provides the reason.   For one, this new camera has a smaller sensor  size than the one on the S22 Ultra. Second,   it also has a smaller pixel size, and even after  16-in-1 binning, the S22 Ultra's camera remains   ahead at 2.4 μm, versus the new sensor's 2.24 μm.  So this new 200MP camera is for other OEMs to use,   Samsung will unveil another 200MP sensor that  they will exclusively use on the S23 Ultra.  

Now, Samsung will use a new display material  that will not only help them make truly   bezel-less phones, but it also reduces the cost  significantly and thus cheaper smartphones.  

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Moving on, the new material that makes a   completely bezel-less smartphone possible is  called OCR optically clear resin, which is a   liquid. Current phones use OCA optically clear  adhesive, which is in a film form. Basically,   both of these serve the same function, which is  to bond components of the display together. So   how does the OCR better than OCA. Well since OCR  is in liquid form, it can reach places like the   tricky areas around the punch-hole for the selfie  cameras and speakers, and also it is easier to   work with at the edges using this liquid which the  earlier technology OCA was not able to achieve.  

Samsung is using inkjet machines to  accurately drop the OCR liquid on the panel   while avoiding cameras, speakers, or holes, and  it's being reported that this new method is   ten times cheaper than the OCA method. Thus,  it will reduce the overall cost of the display   and hence the cost of the phone. Plus, it will  also make the phones thinner, albeit marginally   since there are no OCA films involved. By the way, this isn't some patent or something,   but Samsung is already setting up a modular  production line in its Vietname factory for   mass production. Samsung has reportedly overcome  all the challenges that are related to this   inkjet printing, and we will see the  new tech implemented soon enough.   Now, we don't know when exactly but let's hope  they get it working in time for the S23 Ultra.   

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