Real life dolls, accessories and storage solutions

Real life dolls, accessories and storage solutions
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To ensure longevity and to maintain the original condition of a life-size doll, it is important to store them with care. Your sex-doll companion can stay with you for longer if it is properly maintained and stored. Storage your sex toy properly can help prevent it from getting damaged and maintain its condition. This blog will cover some Gosexfactory storage options.

Head storage stand

Most dolls have removable heads and bodies that allow the owner to switch out heads. They are an easy way to keep your head safe from damage caused by accidental falls or drops.  We offers two types of headstands: the metal stand, and half-stand. The metal stand and half-stand have sturdy bases with male/female connectors. They attach to regular doll heads and support the head, keeping it secure and upright.

Hanging hooks with screws

Hook and screw storage is an excellent solution to head and body hanging. The doll body can easily be attached to a rod or a closet, but you need to ensure that the load bearing capacity is sufficient. A hanger can be a big help.

Hanging rack for sex dolls

The combination of a hanging stand and a screw-and-hook set is the best way to store a sex dolly's body. This stand lets the body of a doll hang free. It has a height range of 100-190cm (3.3-6.2ft), and can hold up to 80kg (176lb). The weight limit is 80 kg, which helps to keep it in shape. To prevent contact damage, it is important to allow enough room around the doll.

Storage box for full size dolls

You can store all your dolls in a box made for full-size dolls. The boxes can be padded to protect the doll from damage and dust. The box can also be locked to ensure your privacy.

Store sex dolls with care

There are some things to consider when choosing a storage system:

Clean and dry the doll completely after each use. It helps to prevent bacteria growth, and the material of your doll will be preserved.

Keep the doll cool and dry, away from sunlight. Extreme temperature and humidity may damage the doll materials.

Avoid pressure: Do not apply constant pressure on any part of a doll's skin, whether you hang it or lay it down. Stress can cause deformity.

Removing accessories can leave marks. Tight clothes or accessories could damage your doll. Remove it first before you store.

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