Loose joint bones found in real dolls

Loose joint bones found in real dolls
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21 November 2023

Generally speaking, the skeleton of a real doll has relatively stiff/tight joints that help maintain poses whenever the doll owner interacts with or takes photos of the doll. This is a common choice for most doll lovers. However, there is a group of people seeking easier bone and joint manipulation and adjustment. A skeleton with loose joints introduces a whole new level of flexibility and possibility.

Introduction to loose joint skeleton
The loose joint skeleton in sex dolls refers to a structural design that deliberately makes the joints, especially the joints of the limbs, less rigid, thereby increasing flexibility and making it easier to operate.

Easy sex thanks to
The joints are loose so the doll's limbs can move more freely and easily. Loose limbs allow for smoother, more natural transitions into different sexual positions, enhancing the intimate experience and providing more versatility. Dolls with loose joints provide a more realistic experience when interacting with the doll.
cozy hug
For cuddling, a loosely jointed frame is definitely better than a regular frame. Its flexibility makes the doll more adaptable and responsive, and the arms will hang naturally without maintaining a stiff posture, providing you with a more comfortable feeling of hugging your doll partner in bed, allowing you to enjoy a sweet night.

Precautions for joints with loose bones
Despite these advantages, it's worth noting that loosely articulated dolls have some limitations:

Inability to maintain posture joints
Loose dolls cannot hold poses or maintain certain positions that you set, which means they are not ideal for those who like to take photos or videos of their dolls, or for those who like to pose their dolls in any fixed position during an intimate relationship .
Unable to stand on one's own
Due to the flexible joints, the doll cannot stand without assistance. This may limit the position in which the doll can be used unless additional support is provided. The inability to stand may limit the situations in which you can use your doll.
Precautions and maintenance
1. Please do not move the doll with loose bones quickly or forcefully to avoid damage caused by excessive force.
2. Avoid moving the limb beyond its natural range.
3. Use appropriate support, such as a pillow, or hold the doll if necessary.
4. As with any other sex doll, clean and dry the doll after each use.

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