Quick Guide to Crochet Abbreviations

Quick Guide to Crochet Abbreviations

When you step into the creative world of crochet you may not be aware about crochet abbreviations but that’s a step to complete to become a pro. Once you’ve learned to hold crochet hooks and have practiced the basic crochet stitches, it’s time to move forward and learn to read a pattern. Crochet patterns are like maps that guide crafters through the journey of making a project in a language of their own. The basic necessity to follow patterns is to understand crochet abbreviations. Abbreviations are instructions in short that make patterns easier to follow. To help you decode crochet abbreviations, empowering you to tackle any pattern with confidence, keep reading our blog.


What are Crochet Abbreviations?

Crochet abbreviations are terms used to explain patterns. They are used to represent crochet stitches, techniques, and instructions. They simplify complex instructions into shorter terms, making patterns brief and easier to read. For beginners, understanding these abbreviations may seem daunting but is essential for mastering crochet patterns.


Basic Crochet Stitch Abbreviations

The basic crochet stitches lay the foundation of many projects.  These abbreviations instruct in brief the steps of working your favorite crochet hooks. Once you've mastered the stitches, you'll be well-equipped to tackle more complex patterns.

Here are some common crochet stitch abbreviations:

  • ch: chain
  • sc: single crochet
  • hdc: half double crochet
  • dc: double crochet
  • tr: treble crochet (or triple crochet)
  • sl st: slip stitch


Crochet Technique Abbreviations

In addition to stitch abbreviations, there are abbreviations for specific techniques. Understanding these are crucial for executing pattern instructions correctly.

  • inc: increase
  • dec: decrease
  • yo: yarn over
  • rep: repeat
  • beg: beginning
  • rem: remaining


Pattern Repeats and Special Instructions

Many crochet patterns include repeats of specific stitch sequences or special instructions for shaping and finishing.

Here are some:

  • *** :* Repeat instructions between asterisks
  • [ ]: Work instructions within brackets as indicated
  • ( ): Grouping stitches or instructions together
  • tog: Together (e.g., sc2tog for single crochet two stitches together)
  • sp: Space (e.g., ch-2 sp for chain-2 space)

These abbreviations help streamline pattern instructions, making them more concise and easier to follow.


Crochet Stitch Symbols

In addition to abbreviations, many modern crochet patterns include stitch symbols to provide visual guidance. While not as common as abbreviations, stitch symbols can be especially helpful for visual learners or those who prefer working from charts rather than written instructions.

Here are some common stitch symbols you may encounter:

o: slip stitch

|: single crochet

--: half double crochet

v: double crochet

^: treble crochet

Understanding both abbreviations and stitch symbols gives you multiple tools for interpreting crochet patterns and ensures you can confidently tackle any project.


UK and US Crochet Abbreviations

Crochet abbreviations can vary between the UK and the US, confusing crafters who are not familiar with both systems. While the stitches themselves are the same, the terminology used to describe them can differ. Here's a breakdown of the key differences between UK and US crochet abbreviations:


Single Crochet (sc) vs Double Crochet (dc): In the US, single crochet is abbreviated as SC while in the UK, it's referred to as double crochet and abbreviated as DC.


Double Crochet (dc) vs Treble Crochet (tr): The US term double crochet is equivalent to the UK term treble crochet, abbreviated as TR in both cases.

Slip Stitch (sl st): The slip stitch is universally abbreviated as sl st in both the US and the UK.


Chain (ch): The chain stitch is also consistent in both US and UK abbreviated as ch.


It's essential to pay attention to the pattern's origin or source when working with crochet abbreviations to ensure you're using the correct terminology. Most crochet patterns will specify whether they use US or UK terms, but if not, it's helpful to familiarize yourself with both systems to avoid confusion.


With this, unlock the world of crochet abbreviations and navigate through patterns to work on any crochet project. To assist with all your crochet needs, explore the Lantern Moon collection. The premium crochet hooks are crafted from smooth ebony wood that is light in weight and has a luxury silk finish making crocheting a rewarding experience.

Happy crocheting!


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