Best Crochet Hooks and Sizes for Beginners

Best Crochet Hooks and Sizes for Beginners
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30 March 2023

Crochet hooks are diverse like the crochet-artists themselves. Available in different types, sizes and materials, crochet hooks can confuse if you are just beginning. Choosing a crochet hook is overwhelming, especially for beginners. To make your decision simple, we’ll take you through the points that will help you understand the crochet hook and appropriate sizes.

To understand crochet hook size, you must start with studying the anatomy of the crochet hook. There are different kinds of crochet hooks. The single ended crochet hook has small a hook on one side and a handle on the other. There is also an option of hooks on either ends, known as the double ended crochet hooks. The Tunisian crochet hook is a specialty tool with a hook on one end and the option to join it to an interchangeable cable that provides an extra length for the unique craft of Tunisian crochet (knit-like crochet stitches). It can also be used for regular crocheting, if the cable is not connected.

Now, let’s understand how a typical crochet hook looks like. This picture will give you a clear idea of the anatomy of the crochet hook.

As seen in image consists of a head (point 1), a throat (point 2), a shaft (point 3), a grip (point 4) and a handle (point 5).

This is just a general single ended crochet hook and not all hooks look the same, they actually differ quite a bit.

The head can be pointed or rounded but this does not impact the crochet stitches.

The throat is actually of the most distinctive parts of a crochet hook. There are two types - inline and tapered but it will not impact the crochet stitches only a crocheter feels the difference when working on this. For a beginner it is best to work with any of them as you will develop your comfort.

The shaft is diameter of the hook that basically decides the size of the crochet hook and therefore the stitches. The thicker the shaft, the bigger the size of the stitch and smaller the hook size, smaller is the stitch size.

Now that we’ve had a basic understanding of the crochet hook, it’s time to understand about Crochet hook sizes and how to choose for a project?

Crochet hook sizes are measured in millimeters (mm) with a corresponding letter from the alphabet. Choosing the size of the crochet depends on the yarn you will be using. If you want your crocheted project to have an open weave, choose a larger hook and if you want a dense weave like the Amigurumi project choose a smaller hook. Lace or thread crochet requires the precision of steel crochet hooks in the smallest size. A crochet pattern or project also helps in making the decision.

Here’s a quick guide for crochet hook sizes that you can refer to:

Yarn Category name

Metric hook size

Hook size


1.5 - 2.25 mm


Super fine

2.25 - 3.5 mm

B-1 - E-4


3.5 - 4.5 mm

E-4 - 7


4.5 - 5.5 mm

7 - I-9


5.5 - 6.5 mm

I-9 - K-10 1/2


6.5 - 9 mm

K-10 1/3 - M-13

Super Bulky

9 - 15mm

M-13 - Q


15mm and higher

Q and larger

Almost all yarn labels and patterns mention the crochet hook size. But it’s always recommended to crochet a gauge swatch before starting a new project. Basically, you take a crochet hook size and yarn mentioned in the pattern and make a square with the same crochet stitches you plan for the project. Once your square is ready, wash and block it. After its’ dry take a measuring tape and mark 10 cm by 10 cm. The number of stitches you have horizontally is the stitch count while the number of stitches you have vertically is the row count. If you have the same or similar count as mentioned in the pattern, you have the gauge. If not, if you have more number of stitches then choose a bigger hook size and if you have lesser stitches then opt for a smaller hook size.

A gauge is a learning lesson or better be said as a map for beginners, as with the gauge they can choose the right crochet hook, yarn, tension, final look of the project and also how much yarn you’ll be needing.

Get ready to choose the right crochet hook for all your projects.

Happy crocheting!

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