Perfect guide to Change direct deposit bank account in QuickBooks

Perfect guide to Change direct deposit bank account in QuickBooks
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24 November 2022

Owing to its vast number of features, QuickBooks has become a one stop accounting software for all financial requirements of business organizations, irrespective of their scale and sizes. Yet, with so many hits, there are also some misses which a user is potentially likely to encounter while operating the software. Most the errors and issues can easily be tackled but some of them prove to be quite complicated if not fixed in time.


In this article, we are going to learn how to change direct deposit bank accounts in QuickBooks too in a hassle free and jitterless manner


What is the role of direct deposits in QuickBooks?

The role of direct deposit is quite simple which, in simple terms, it is an easy way to save time while working on payroll reports.

The users, using QuickBooks desktop payroll basic, enhanced, or standard, have an option of modifying their bank account from which the direct deposit payroll funds are withdrawn.

What are the basic requirements to change direct deposit bank accounts in QuickBooks?

The two basic requirements for changing the deposit accounts in QB are:

1. First: the direct deposit PIN you use to send payroll from.

2. Second: your existing Intuit account.

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How does it work?

The working is quite simple, the user is required to send a bank account form and a blank cheque to verify the new account.

1. The direct deposit service shall not be available till the time change is approved

2. It might take up to two weeks


What are the steps of changing direct deposit bank accounts in QuickBooks?

The user is recommended to follow the steps as and how they are mentioned below, to get accurate results:

1. Log into QuickBooks desktop

2. Go to “employees”

3. Click on “my payroll service”

4. Select the accounts/billing information

5. Now, go to the “direct deposits”

6. Click on “bank details”

7. Click OK on the pop-up message bar

8. Enter the correct Payroll PIN

9. Click on submit

10. Not enter the new bank’s information and details

11. Click on submit

12. Wait till the confirmation message arrives

13. Click on continue

14. Within the time of two days, two test debits shall be Connect Bank Account To QuickBooks

15. Now, enter the two test debits sent to you in the QuickBooks account maintenance page to verify the new bank account added.

16. Confirm the payroll PIN

17. Click on submit

18. Ensure that you alter the default bank account while creating the paychecks and change the bank account where the payroll fees will be posted.

We are hoping that with the help of this article the user will be at an ease of to change direct deposit bank accounts in QuickBooks. In case you are unable to get through manually, you can get in touch with our team of dedicated personnel who will ensure to offer you with all the ease to perform. To get more information, place a call at (1-855-856-0042)

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