PCB manufacturers worldwide

PCB manufacturers worldwide
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26 December 2022

There are PCB producers all over the world. You may be familiar with Zhending Group, DSBJ, Kyosha Circuits, and Tripod (Wuxi) Electronics Co., Ltd. as a few of the businesses. They represent some of the most trustworthy businesses in the sector. They are not all the same, though. Here are a few things to consider when choosing which PCB manufacturer to work with in order to assist you better grasp this complicated industry.


ISU PETASYS is one of the biggest PCB producers in the world. Ultra multi layer printed circuit board manufacturing is one of its business activities. The corporation has offices in China, Japan, and the United States. The business has declared that it will launch a new factory in Taegu, Korea, in 2014 in an effort to increase production. ISU PETASYS has significant aspirations for the future as the global PCB market expands.

Despite being established in 1972, ISU PETASYS is currently highly regarded in the field. This Korean business is the pinnacle of innovation and modernity. The excellent customer service it offers its clients is one of its more notable accomplishments.

Electronics company Tripod (Wuxi) Co. Ltd.

The tripod Electronics Co., Ltd., a Wuxi-based company and one of the tripod Group's high-tech businesses, produces circuit boards for test grading devices and laser printers. The company has 5500 square metres of floor area, which is a significant amount. More than ten people make up its upper management.

PCB manufacturers worldwide

One of the top manufacturers of aluminium alloys is located near the tripod. The aluminium tripod is a tough little guy, in contrast to its buddy made of plastic. It is a low-friction material that is also lightweight and may be utilised to create a wide variety of items.

Pcb in Suntak

One of the best printed circuit board producers in the world is Suntak PCB. This business offers premium PCBs for use in mobile electronics, automotive electronics, and other fields. In Shenzhen, it has a sizable PCB manufacturing.

Suntak is a PCB manufacturers that specialises in creating durable, excellent, and affordable circuit boards for a range of sectors. Manufacturing facilities for the corporation are dispersed throughout Asia and the US.

The Xingda'PCB factory is situated in ZhongShan City, GuangDong Province, and extends over 180,000 square feet. The plant manufactures PCBs for a range of uses, including LED lighting, aerospace, medicine, and industrial control.

Kentucky Circuits

Japan-based Kyosha Circuits manufactures PCBs. They rank among the top fifteen PCB producers in the world.

Many different industries employ their PCBs. PCBs with one side and many layers are among its offerings. They also offer services like designing metal masks and iron boards.

Since more than 50 years ago, the business has produced circuit boards. Chinese investors own the business. Because of this, they are well-represented not just in Japan but also in Western Europe and the United States.

One of the key benefits of selecting this PCB manufacturer company is that a personalised solution is always available from them. Even double-sided PCBs can be designed by them.

DSBJ Jiangsu, China-based DSBJ is a leading global PCB maker. The company sells a range of electrical goods, including touch panels, antennas, and LED packages. Additionally, it is a top supplier of flexible PCB products for Apple gadgets.

To enhance its ability to service its clients, DSBJ has also purchased a number of businesses. These include Rush PCB, Odak PCB, MFLEX, and Ray PCB. These businesses are all experts in the creation, production, and assembly of circuit boards.

DSBJ is also present in Finland, Germany, South Korea, and Poland. The business has also opened a location in Yancheng, Jiangsu. There are top-notch production lines and equipment housed in this facility.

PCB manufacturers worldwide

Group Zhending

A PCB manufacturer with its global headquarters in Taiwan is Zhending Group. The team is renowned for its effectiveness and creativity. It has five significant manufacturing facilities in Taiwan and more than 20 sales offices spread across a number of nations.

Manufacturer of stiff and flexible printed circuit boards for wearable electronics, high density connector PCBs, power management chips, and IC substrates for application processors is Zhen Ding Technology Holding Limited. The business has created high-end products and has more than 15 years of experience.

Integrated Circuit Substrate, High Density Interconnection, AI, IoT, and 5G are further areas of concentration for Zhen Ding Tech. The business has formed alliances with a number of renowned Chinese research universities.


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