Oven Cleaning Epsom Tips: How to Prevent Oven Smoke

Oven Cleaning Epsom Tips: How to Prevent Oven Smoke

Are you irritated by your oven's smoke while cooking? Do not worry we will discuss the most frequent causes of oven smoking and how to avoid them. From removing new oven dust to scheduling monthly cleanings, Oven Cleaning Epsom can assist.

Common Causes of a Smoking Oven

  1. Brand New Oven: A new oven usually smokes the first few times it's used. This is generally because factory coatings and other manufacturing residues burn off in the oven.

  1. Cleaner Residue: After cleaning your oven, the cleaner may still be inside. When the oven warms, leftovers might smoke. Make sure the object is properly cleaned.

  1. Heavily Soiled: Food, grease, and oil may build up on heating components and surfaces if you don't clean the oven regularly. These piled-up items might smoke as the oven warms up.

  1. Grease or Food Dripping: Food or grease from the pan might smoke the oven's bottom or heating components. Checking and cleaning the oven bottom regularly prevents these items from piling up.                                                                                                           

  1. Food Positioning: Watch where the food goes in the oven. Food may burn and smoke if placed near heat sources. Avoiding heat sources and leaving space between items.

Preventing Your Oven from Smoking

  1. Regular Cleaning Routine:

Cleaning your oven regularly is the first step to preventing smoke. Monthly oven cleaning is recommended. This is crucial for frequent cooks. A natural cleaning for this is baking soda and water. Spread a paste in the oven. Let it rest for a few hours to break down stubborn dirt using baking soda.

  1. Epsom Salt Scrub:

Epsom salt's inherent cleansing power improves oven cleaning. Professional Oven Cleaning Chessington has Epsom salt readily available. A thick, grainy paste forms when mixed with water. Let this paste coat your oven and set for a while before scrubbing it off.

  1. Ventilation Matters:

Good air is essential for oven smoke prevention. Turn on the vent fan or open the windows to provide optimum airflow while cooking. Smoke is removed, and the kitchen is clean and odour-free. A ventilation fan above your cooker helps improve smoke extraction.

  1. Use Oven Liners:

For smoke prevention, oven covers are great. These oven racks and bottom surfaces are straightforward to install. Spills may be cleaned independently from the body, keeping your oven smoke-free. Professional Oven Cleaning Epsom to simplify cleaning and reduce dust.

  1. Watch Your Cooking Temperature:

Controlling cooking temperature prevents fat and food remnants from burning and smoking. Setting the oven too high is unnecessary. You should learn the proper temperature for each item. Cooking within the appropriate temperature range prevents smoke and ensures food heats evenly, improving meal quality.


Clean oven is necessary for smoke-free cooking. Cleaning routinely, cooking sensibly, and paying attention to oven components create a healthy kitchen. By Oven Cleaning Chessington, you may cook without smoke and enjoy the fragrances of your favourite cuisine.

Remember that a little maintenance will keep your oven operating effectively and make cooking more pleasurable.

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