Microwave Oven not heating: Troubleshooting tips to repair it

Microwave Oven not heating: Troubleshooting tips to repair it
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09 June 2023

Are you facing the same problem? Do not worry. Here are some troubleshooting tips that we help you to get escape from this problem.

Microwaves are a standard item in almost every home and make reheating leftovers or cooking food quick and simple. But when your microwave isn't working properly, it can be a big hassle. Before buying a new microwave oven, you can attempt a few potential repairs if your current one isn't heating.

Before getting a new one, try to solve your microwave oven by following the tips.

Examine the Power Source

Checking that a microwave oven is receiving power properly is the first step in troubleshooting one that isn't heating. Check to make sure the microwave is hooked into a working outlet and that the fuse or circuit breaker that controls the outlet hasn't blown or tripped. Go to the following step if the power supply is working properly.

Check the door interlocks and safety devices

Safety interlock switches on microwave ovens stop them from working while the door is open. The microwave might not heat if the door or any of the interlock switches are broken or out of place. Check the door carefully for any obvious blemishes or obstacles. Use a multimeter to test the interlock switches as well to make sure they are working properly.

Examine the Magnetron

The part that produces microwave energy is called a magnetron. The most frequent reason for a microwave not heating is a damaged magnetron. You'll need to remove the magnetron and discharge the high-voltage capacitor to inspect it. Look for any indications of burns, damage, or loose connections. Replace the magnetron if any problems are discovered.

Control Board verification

The control board of the microwave controls all features and configurations. The control board could be broken, which would prohibit the oven from heating. Look for any obvious signs of damage or burned-out components on the board. Consult a qualified technician if you think there might be an issue, or think about changing the control board.

Bottom Line

It can be annoying when the heating element in your microwave stops working. Without having to replace the entire machine, you can identify the issue and possibly solve it by using the troubleshooting advice provided. However, keep in mind that microwaves contain high-voltage components, therefore it's advisable to get Microwave Oven Repair Services from a professional if you feel uneasy handling electrical components.






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