Let's See Top 10 JoJo Poses, Ranked Bizarre (Anime Series)

Let's See Top 10 JoJo Poses, Ranked Bizarre (Anime Series)
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17 September 2022

JoJo's is full of surprises. But one thing that's constant is the stylish nature and passion of all the characters for posing.

There are many anime series that have been huge hits and lasted decades. JoJo Poses Bizarre Adventure is a special story. It feels grand and warrants its long narrative. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure focuses on different Joestars characters as part of a larger battle between good & evil that carries over from generation to generation.

It is amazing to see how JoJo's Bizarre Adventure has evolved over the years and how Hirohiko has developed as a storyteller. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure has many twists and turns, but there's one thing that is constant: the style of the characters and their passion for modeling.

1. Koichi's pose perfectly reflects the nature of his character

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure has a chapter called Diamond is Unbreakable. It takes a lot stylistically and feels very different from its predecessor Stardust Crusaders.

Josuke Higashikata plays the main character. But Koichi Hirose proves to be one of Josuke's closest friends as well as his strongest allies. Koichi is small and awkward, and his unassuming pose during the opening credits shows that. This body language is a refreshing change from the usual JoJo poses that involve large and flashy gestures.

2. Jack The Ripper has a lot of flairs when he lets the blades fly

JoJo's story has been the same since the beginning, but it's amazing to see how much simpler the Battle Tendency and Phantom Blood seasons were. Phantom Blood embraces some horror elements with a heavy emphasis on vampires. This continues with smaller villains like Jack the Ripper.

Dio Brando attempts to exploit Jack the Ripper's blade skills. But the madman also strikes a striking pose as he lets the blades fly. It is memorable and appears to reflect the vampiric theme of the season.

3. Lisa Lisa's ability to strike a pose rivals her mastery over Hamon.

Lisa Lisa is an important character in JoJo's Battle Tendency. She helps Joseph Joestar understand his Hamon abilities and aids Caesar Zeppeli with their fight against the deadly Pillar Men.

Lisa Lisa is the series' first strong female ally. She makes sure she can pose and manipulate her body, as well as being an expert in Hamon. Although Lisa Lisa Lisa's pose may be simple, it frames her face well and makes use of all her arms. This is a clear distinction when you consider the early Joestars poses.

4. Stroheim's Excitement Can't Be Contained by His Pose

Stroheim is one of the strangest characters from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure's Battle Tendency. Stroheim is a character with a bizarre past and appearance, especially after he transforms into a cyborg and acquires many more absurd abilities. Stroheim has a dark past but is now an ally.

Stroheim's effective pose of his hips in a pelvic thrust is hard to ignore. The cannon that protrudes from Stroheim's chest makes this even more obvious. This is a basic approach but connects with Stroheim's other looks.

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5. Kars' Attitude and Pose Show Why He Believes He Is Humanity's Savior

Kars is a JoJo villain who often gets too much credit. He is the leader of Battle Tendency's Pillar Men and the architect of the Stone Mask, which eventually leads Dio Brando to become DIO.

Kars strives for perfection, and Joseph must go to extraordinary efforts to end this threat. Kars' confidence is unnerving, and his mission is challenging, but his signature pose becomes a key aspect of the character. Kars holds himself in a cradle and turns his body inward to display his perfection.

6. Joseph's Poses Show The Joestar's Rampant Energy and Creativity

Everybody has a favorite Joestar, but Joseph Joestar Of Battle Tendency is the most popular member of the family tree. Joseph is carefree and cocky in a way that's rare for Joestars.

It helps Joseph to establish himself immediately. Joseph is an absolute wildcard, and it is evident in the characters' poses. Joseph's poses are often in the air, or he has his limbs flipped over in an extreme display that feels more like breakdancing. These Joseph poses are some of the most difficult to duplicate, but they are also the most fun to watch.

7. Jonathan, the Original Joestar, Sets The Posing Standards

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is so far from its inception. Jonathan Joestar, who was the first Joestar, can sometimes get lost in all the shuffle. Although Jonathan has the least time to shine in the series, he stands out quickly with his determination and flair for the unusual.

Jonathan's signature move is to hold his hand up in front of him. This allows him to accomplish a lot with very little. This pose is easy to duplicate but still retains a mysterious quality.

8. Killer Queen is a stand that commands absolute dominance with its appearance.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is amazing because it is not only the characters who know how to strike poses but also their Stand counterparts. While most Stands mimic the pose of their users, there are some that display more personality.

Yoshikage Kira's Stand, Killer Queen from Diamond is Unbreakable, is extremely dangerous. His pose perfectly reflects his arrogant demeanor. Killer Queen wants the world to know that it is the best, and this pose allows for that.

9. The Bucciarati Gang's Torture Dance Displays All Their Moves

Golden Wind follows JoJo's Bizarre Adventure from Italy all the way to Italy. It tells an engaging story set in the world of organized criminality. Giorno Giovanna joins Bruno Bucciarati's gang to try and reform the corrupt system from within.

The gang members have impressive poses. However, they also display a highly choreographed act that doubles as torture. They perform a torture dance to get answers from a hostage. It is bizarre and stylish, just like JoJo should be.

10. DIO's Signature Pose Tests the Limits of The Human Body

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is a popular program that has captured the attention of many people. However, it has also become a very meme-able program thanks to DIO's mannerisms.

DIO is Stardust Crusaders' major antagonist, and he towers over the earlier anime seasons. DIO's "Wry" pose is where his knees are bent at an awkward angle, and he howls at it with glee. This is a highly charged moment that highlights DIO's unhinged impulses.

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