Best Yoga Poses to Manage Eating Disorders

Best Yoga Poses to Manage Eating Disorders
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An eating disorder is one of the most dangerous and life-threatening diseases. Such disorders not only negatively impact physical health but also pose a serious threat to mental wellness.

That is why it is vital to manage such health issues as soon as they are discovered. One of the most effective and natural ways to check eating disorders is to practice yoga.

Various studies and research prove the effectiveness of this ancient practice in lessening the symptoms of such health problems. If you want to know more, keep reading. This article will describe some proven yoga poses that can help you with eating disorders.

5 Yoga Poses to Manage Eating Disorders

Recent scientific studies are unveiling various positive effects of yoga regarding different health issues, including eating disorders. The most effective yoga poses that can decrease the symptoms of eating disorders are:

1. Cobra Pose

This yoga pose offers different health benefits. One of the most crucial advantages of doing cobra pose is that it helps treat various eating disorders. It does so by improving gut health.

You can practice cobra pose by following the given instructions:

  • Keep your head on the ground, lying flat on the stomach
  • Your hands should be on your shoulders’ sides
  • From the torso, try to lift your body by putting pressure on both palms
  • Your back and belly muscles must be stretched while doing so
  • Press the shoulder blades against your back and straighten your arm
  • Keep yourself in this position for about 15-20 seconds while focusing your gaze on the ceiling

Disorders like flatulence, constipation, and indigestion can be treated with this pose. Moreover, it also improves your mental health. You can join the yoga studio Dubai to practice cobra pose accurately and ward off eating disorders.

2. Pigeon Pose

Although primarily used for promoting the strength of different bodily organs like legs and chest, the pigeon pose is also instrumental in treating eating disorders. It shows promising results for people who experience loss of appetite.

If you want to practice pigeon pose, the given instructions can help you:

  • Point your toes outwards, kneeling on the ground
  • Slowly bend your torso until it is in a vertical position with your feet
  • Take your body into an entirely bent position where you can touch your feet with the hands
  • Gradually rise upwards, positioning your face outwards
  • Inhale deeply, inflating your chest
  • Stay in the same position for about 1-2 minutes

This yoga pose can prove instrumental in triggering your appetite. Moreover, it can also be practiced in issues like gas problems, stomach cramps, and indigestion.

3. Bow Pose

Another yoga pose that you can practice to avoid or treat eating disorders and digestive problems is the bow pose. It has proven effective in managing the symptoms of already existing issues.

If you are interested in doing bow pose to combat various health issues associated with your eating habits and digestion, follow the given guidelines:

  • Raise your hips and legs backward while lying flat on the stomach
  • Try to grasp your feet with your hands by extending the arms in a backward position
  • Keep yourself in the same position until you cannot hold it

Several health issues linked to your gut health and eating lifestyle can effectively be treated by using the bow pose. For instance, by practicing this incredible pose, you can manage loss of appetite, indigestion, constipation, and stomach aches.

4. Plow Pose

This yoga pose is another efficient way to manage various eating disorders. It has shown effective results for people who have already tested it.

If you want to practice the pow pose, here is your guideline:

  • Lie on your back
  • Raise both your legs, taking them above the stomach
  • Extending the legs above your head, try touching the ground with your toes
  • Keep yourself in the same position for about 10-15 seconds

Pow pose offers numerous health advantages regarding eating disorders and digestive issues. It can boost your appetite, lessening the symptoms of anorexia.

5. Mountain Pose

Mountain pose is considered one of the easiest yoga poses to practice. Despite its feasibility, it is instrumental in managing the signs of various eating disorders. It is particularly good for treating mental issues that can trigger the onset of eating disorders.

Here is how you can accurately do the mountain pose:

  • Assume a standing posture on the ground
  • Keep your feet a bit apart, but your heels must touch each other
  • Locate your hand on both sides in a straight position
  • Your sole should remain grounded the entire time
  • Continue looking in the forward direction
  • Keep yourself in the same position for about 5 minutes

Practicing mountain pose regularly can treat mental health issues that lead to poor eating habits. You can join the yoga studio to do mountain pose effectively and manage eating disorders associated with stress, anxiety, and depression.

Do You Want to Treat Eating Disorders with Yoga Poses?

Yoga is instrumental in lessening the symptoms of eating disorders. Various poses can effectively manage such diseases. Contact a certified yoga trainer now to leverage these poses for treating eating disorders.

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