ISO 39001 Certification: You Must be Aware of The Following Information

ISO 39001 Certification: You Must be Aware of The Following Information
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Road Traffic Safety Management (RTS) is now a concern on a global scale due to the world's continuously increasing population. This standard specifically identifies the need for having an effective RTS that will allow an organization to understand and control the road traffic system to reduce fatalities and serious injuries brought on by traffic accidents. According to ISO 39001, the company has all the necessary resources to lessen or eliminate the risk of fatalities and serious injuries associated with traffic accidents.

Public and corporate organizations that deal with the transportation network are committed to the ISO 39001 International Standard. It can be used to evaluate the organization's capacity to meet the requirements of internal and external stakeholders, including certification agencies. The standard is created to assist the organization in implementing the best traffic safety practices within the company, helping the organization to accomplish this while also helping them in briefing stakeholder, industry, and legal requirements, as well as minimizing the impact on the environment and on the communities in which they operate. The implementation of a Safe System approach to RTS has been demonstrated by experience from throughout the world to be capable of significantly reducing death and serious injury. Organizations need to be able to achieve the following by implementing this International Standard:

  • RTS outcomes over what can be obtained from compliance with regulations and norms
  • At the same time as they accomplish their goals, they also help society in its entirety

This International Standard encourages the implementation of a PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, and Act) process method to help the company to provide intended road traffic safety management results. For managing road traffic safety, ISO 39001 is the ideal standard. Accomplishing certification will allow companies to operate legally, put employee safety first, and show respect for other road users. Here are some of the requirements that a company must be aware of before applying for certification. Firstly, start with understanding the eligibility criteria.

What are the eligibility criteria for ISO 39001 certification? 

Both public and private organizations working with management systems for road traffic safety are accountable to the ISO 39001 standard. The resources and services required to reduce operational and insurance costs are required by transportation companies, fleet operators, and other comparable organizations. Road accident reduction can help achieve this goal. Also, an organization may apply for ISO 39001 Certification if it contains the following characteristics:

  • Enhanced performance in Road Traffic Safety
  • Creates, implements, maintains and enhances a system for managing road traffic safety
  • Makes sure that everything is in line with the established road traffic safety policy.
  • Proves compliance with ISO 39001 Standards.

The following organizations must obtain ISO 39001 Certification:

  • A company with a fleet of vehicles
  • Organisations whose staff use the road 
  • An organization that operates roads or public transportation
  • An organization that manages a roadway or parking lot

Requirements to become certified to ISO 39001

The following prerequisites must be met before applying for ISO 39001 Certification:

  • Context of the Organisation: The organization must specify the scope of the Road Traffic Safety Management System as well as the requirements or expectations of interested parties.
  • Leadership and Commitment: The policy, duties, responsibilities, and authority must be defined by the organization.
  • Planning: One of the most critical tasks is to identify hazards and opportunities, in addition, to establishing and preparing for road traffic safety objectives.
  • Support: All staff members must be aware of the resources available, as well as the standards and competencies. The company must communicate with suitable instructions. Along with ISO 39001 awareness training, organizations must offer precise details about the standard and the certification procedure.
  • Operation and Control: Here, the organization must plan operations as well as emergency readiness and reaction.
  • Performance Evaluation: It is important to evaluate the system by monitoring and assessing it, as well as conducting an accident investigation related to a traffic accident and performing the ISO 39001 internal audit.
  • Improvement: Continuous improvement is critical for any business to create a better system, beginning with identifying nonconformity. Once nonconformities have been identified, the company must take remedial and preventive action.

Documents needed to become certified to ISO 39001

The list of ISO 39001 documents needed to get ISO 39001 Certification is separated into the following directories:

  • ISO 39001 Road Traffic Safety System Manual
  • System Procedures 
  • ISO 39001 Policy
  • Objectives
  • Mission and Vision 
  • Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)
  • Exhibits 
  • Forms
  • Records
  • ISO 39001Audit Checklist
  • ISO 39001 Compliance Matrix
  • As well as other documents, such as
    • The scale of the business
    • Activities performed by the organization
    • Processes are undertaken by the organization
    • Products and services obtainable by the organization
    • The difficulty of processes undertaken 
    • Capability of persons involved.
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