Installation and Removal Techniques for Vinyl Decals

Installation and Removal Techniques for Vinyl Decals
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Whether you are installing a large or a small vinyl decal, there are specific steps you must follow to ensure that your decals will last and display appropriately. We'll provide you with detailed instructions on how to install and remove your decals, regardless of their size.

Installing Decals

Before installing your decals, it is important to thoroughly clean the surface that they will be adhered to. Even if your surface looks sparkling, it is still important to give it a quick clean. While you can use regular surface cleaners, a two-to-one mixture of water and isopropyl alcohol will deliver the best results. Use a lint-free cloth to wipe the surface to make sure that no residue has been left behind.

One important factor in the successful installation of vinyl decals is room temperature. The temperature must be more than 55 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure proper adherence to your surface. After you have completed the cleaning process and verified that the room temperature is correct, you are ready to move to the next step.

First, mark off where your decal will hang with a removable marker, chalk, or a water-soluble pencil. Now, take your decal with its backing paper and tape only the upper corners to the surface. Make sure you have lined it up correctly. It is a good idea to step back and make sure that everything looks correct before proceeding.

Now, spray your surface under where the decal has been taped with application fluid. You can use water if you prefer, but the fluid will produce the best results. Once you have applied the fluid, remove the backing paper. Wait to remove your tape, and use a squeegee to firmly press the decal to your surface. Let this dry for a few minutes and then use your squeegee one more time. After you are sure that there are no wrinkles and that the decal is smooth, remove your tape. Please note that you may see small bubbles after you have completed the installation. This is perfectly normal and they will disappear within a few days. If you see large bubbles, heat the area with a hairdryer and then pop the bubble with a small needle.

If you are installing a large decal, the process is the same but will require extra time to line up the decal perfectly. Don't be afraid to take a few extra minutes to get it right, it will save you a decal if you don't hurry. You will also need to install a line of tape in the center of the decal as well as the upper corner to ensure that it doesn't shift during the process. This center line of tape should be removed after you have completed the squeegee process.

Removing Decals

Once you need to remove your decals, the process is very simple. You will need to heat the entire decal with a heat gun. Once the decal is sufficiently warmed, use a plastic vinyl remover squeegee and scrape the vinyl away. This will leave some adhesive on your surface, but we'll take care of that next.

After the vinyl has been completely removed, apply an adhesive remover to any remaining adhesive. You may need to scrape the area if the surface is glass. After you are done, wash the entire surface area with regular soap and water. If any pieces of vinyl remain, use your remover squeegee again.

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