Innovation Changing the Face of Indian Workplaces

Innovation Changing the Face of Indian Workplaces
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Innovation encourages growth and expansion. Twenty years ago, a typical office design would see workers execute their assigned tasks in cubicles and departing the workplace for the day. There has been a change in Indian offices since then. However, in the post-covid era, businesses began to take into account collaboration, adaptability, and diversity in their workspaces for a holistic office experience, which led to a significant change in India's workspaces that had never been witnessed before.   

Flex workplaces are progressively becoming more democratic as they promote innovation and agility. Since flexible working arrangements have improved well-being and work satisfaction, enterprises find it an ideal option to embrace flexible spaces as their workspace strategy.  

Customized, Pleasant, And Creative Designs Are Essential for Productivity 

An appealing workplace is increasingly essential for encouraging employees' inventiveness. Businesses today place the utmost importance on every aspect of the space since they want to maintain employee comfort as their top priority, whether it be the size of the workstations, the sports zone in the office, the couches in the lounge, or the meeting room lighting.   

Innovation Changing the Face of Indian Workplaces

Neetish Sarda, founder of India’s largest flexible workspace platform has been comprehending clients' needs into reality by using desired design elements, and themes and collaborating with modern elements such as artworks, furniture, lighting etc to create a sense of familiarity and comfort for the workforce. And to highlight its identity, we apply this design technique to the structure of all of our workspaces while including local characteristics. 

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 Technology Transforming Workplace Experience 

Technology has made workspaces relevant again and has enabled a better and more productive work experience for the workforce. As a result, leading businesses are increasingly looking for workspace providers that offer tech-enabled office environments to support their heightened workspace needs. Neetish Sarda believes that whereas technology was once seen as ritzy in offices, it's been seen as essential. Smartworks' which is expanding over a 7 million square foot footprint, have created a touchless environment for its clients connected to the SW Super app. All touchpoints in Smarwtorks spaces have been designed according to the client's journey, from digital entry to IoT-enabled conference rooms, amenities control, QR scan-based beverage distribution, food ordering, automated parking systems, and spatial analytics to feedback to clients' concerns.  

Campus Infrastructure Collaborative Spaces 

Businesses now compete in a fiercely competitive, global market, necessitating a collaborative environment. Private offices are being replaced with broad, campus-like facilities to foster a more collaborative and experiential work environment. Neetish Sarda shares that their campus infrastructure, which is on average between 5- 6 lakh square feet, is adorned with all of the finest amenities like entertainment zone, collab areas, gaming zones, saloons, crèches, grocery stores etc., the perfect blend of luxury and practicality to enhance members' daily workplace experiences and productivity.  

In conclusion, innovation has revolutionised the workplace, and in the coming years, we will witness a significant shift in how flex spaces are utilised. Offering businesses, the option to choose how they want to work flexibly, as well as giving them access to reliable technology and a working environment, will be the strength of flexible workspace providers. 

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