How to Start a Money-Making Blog?

How to Start a Money-Making Blog?
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Step by Step - How to Start a Blog on WordPress

Decide your niche

The initial step should be determining the subject matter you want to concentrate on. Niche blogs focus on a particular topic or subtopic. Below are some of my best suggestions for being a successful blogger about choosing your most profitable and most profitable niche for blogging.

Pick a niche you enjoy

Because you'll be posting blog posts frequently, interacting with other bloggers from the same niche, and researching niche topics, being enthusiastic about this niche is vital.

However, you don't need to have a degree in the field. Sometimes, an individual is still learning about the subject, and their readers may be more entertained.

But you must maintain high interest to keep it going and produce consistently engaging content for your blog readers.

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Research Niche viability

It's good to be interested in the subject. However, it would help if you investigated to ensure plenty of interested readers with enough to be a significant audience for your blog.

Let's begin your market research. You can start by utilizing Google Trends. Go ahead and enter a niche keyword to determine the level of interest among Google users. Look closely at the graph results to determine if their interest in your field grows or declines over time.

Select a smaller niche

As a new blogger, you'll face a lot of competition from other blogs of various sizes, some big and some smaller.

In this regard, I strummed narrowing down the subject matter to make it less competitive. For instance, the topic "baking cakes." Today, several major websites, such as Food Network, are in the top position in the search results. Therefore, it is almost impossible for bloggers new to the field, such as you, to get into the top page rankings.

Select an area of your larger theme for your blog's content, which is easier to rank on Google and receive organic traffic. To accomplish this, type the topic you want to focus on into Google" baking cakes "baking cakes" - then scroll to the end of the webpage. Below you'll find an array of topics that are smaller (listed below, and check out the example). Each of these subjects could be the perfect blog topic.

  • Cake baking tips for novices
  • baking chocolate-covered cakes
  • how to make cakes from scratch
  • Confirm Profitability

To create an online blog that generates income, you must confirm that your niche is lucrative. To confirm this, enter some important terms in your field and see the number of ads that appear on the first page of Google. It's a quick and simple way to determine whether the ads appeal for commercial purposes to the people interested in this field.

Another method to determine profitability is to log into Amazon to type a handful of keywords, check the number of items, and count the sponsored ads.

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Name your Blog and Purchase your Domain name

After choosing your subject, you've done some research and verified you have plenty of visitors and commercial opportunities. You'll name your blog and purchase your domain name.

Begin by brainstorming names by using keywords in your field of expertise. If you're planning to launch your baking blog, Here are a few name suggestions I have included in my collection of names for bakeries.

Try to make your blog's name as brief and memorable as possible. This allows readers to remember to spell, type and type into browsers on the internet.

After you've chosen your domain name, begin researching domain availability. I suggest you use a . COM domain. There are chances that many of the domains you are considering do not have .com available. That's okay. Purchase the .NET as well as. CO.

Avoid the.ORG or.ORG domains unless you are starting a non-profit organization. Avoid the adorable new domain extensions which could make your readers confused.

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