Fashion Blogs

Fashion Blogs
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25 December 2022

Fashion blogs are blogs that are dedicated to covering the fashion industry. They cover everything from clothing to lifestyle. They usually come from fashion designers or fashion bloggers themselves. They are often very popular and many people will follow them.

Makeda's Glamazon Diaries

The Glamazon Diaries is an online fashion magazine that isn't your typical ol' fashion blog. In fact, Makeda has a penchant for melding luxury and high street brands to produce something that is a little bit high fashion, a little bit high style and a lot of bling bling. While she's certainly a pro, she's also a mom, wife and business owner. So it's no surprise that she knows a thing or two about the fashion business.

Christine Andrew's Hello Fashion

If you're into fashion, then you're likely familiar with Christine Andrew, the founder of Hello Fashion. She started blogging about her favorite fashion buys, but eventually she expanded her site into a full-fledged lifestyle blog. She has garnered a large following, and her posts have driven hundreds of thousands of dollars in business for various companies.

The Hello Fashion blog is a one-stop shop for all things fashion-related. Its content includes everything from makeup and beauty Fashion Tips to family life.

Tami Reed's Tanesha's Fashion Blog

Tami Reed is a celebrity fashion blogger who is a great inspiration to many women. She is a red carpet correspondent and red carpet consultant, with a passion for fashion and a sense of humor. She is also an entrepreneur, a go-getter and a big name around the world.

She was a foster child at one point in her life and she is a juvenile justice advocate. She has a degree in business management and a certificate in television production. Her fashion blog is full of fashion, beauty and Fashion trends. Her Instagram page has 167K followers.

Gabi Gregg's Glamazon Diaries

Gabi Gregg is a plus-size fashion blogger, author, and designer. She launched her blog in 2008, and has since gained a massive following. She is a well-known name in the industry and is an advocate for body positivity and fashion for all. She's also the co-creator of a successful plus-size apparel line, Premme. Her latest endeavor, the Gabi Fresh RTW collection, is designed for the curvy lady and combines elegant minimalism with playful maximalism.

Inthefrow founder Victoria Magrath's Do It Yourself Fashion

Victoria Magrath, founder of Inthefrow, has been a fashion and beauty blogger for over six years. With her unique sense of style and ice-blonde hair, she has been making waves in the world of beauty and fashion blogging. She is also an ambassador for L'Oreal Paris and Ted Baker. She recently starred in the Princes Trust campaign to champion confidence in young people. She was also named Digital Ambassador for mental health charity Mind.

Gabi Gregg's Inthefrow

Gabi Gregg's Inthefrow is a colorful, fun, and trendy collection that offers support to the curvy lady. The collection is a combination of elegant minimalism and playful maximalism. The designs are stylish and fit for all bodies from the size 0 to the mighty 58.

The collection includes regular swimwear styles as well as some of the best-looking pieces you'll see in the plus-size category. The collection has been hailed as one of the most inclusive collections in the industry.

Lisa Gachet's Do It Yourself Fashion

Lisa Gachet is a Parisian fashion blogger and DIY queen. In addition to blogging, she has launched her own clothing line. Her fashion blog is a smorgasbord of information and inspiration. She also sells a few limited-edition sewing patterns. She has a small collection of wardrobes, some of which look great on her.

She was the first to offer do-it-yourself fashion. This includes a line of reasonably priced apparel and a DIY fashion blog.

Gabi Gregg's Do It Yourself Fashion

Gabi Gregg is one of the most famous plus-size fashion bloggers and designers today. She has a successful lifestyle blog, a popular swimwear line, and collaborated with various fashion labels. She is also a body positive activist. She is currently the new Twitter correspondent for MTV.

Gabi Gregg is known for creating a movement of plus-size women by advocating for diversity in the fashion industry. Her designs are based on trends, comfort, and style. Her designs are sold online and at retailers worldwide. In addition to her fashion line, Gabi has designed lingerie for Playful Promises, and a sexy swimwear line for Swimsuits4All.

Claire Goldsworthy

The Fashion Advocate, aka Claire Goldsworthy, has a large social media following and an online store that boasts one of the largest collections of sustainably sourced fashion items on the planet. The company has opened up the Coveted Closet pop-up shop at Beamauris, from October 14 - December 22 and they'll even let you dress up The Age's Melissa Singer to boot.

What started out as a daily fashion diary has transformed into one of Australia's most fashionable online boutiques. The company has also spawned a number of community initiatives to promote ethical fashion and conscious consumption. The most obvious is a community of sustainable and ethical brands who share information and knowledge to the benefit of everyone involved.

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