How To Properly Install And Maintain Crushed Gravel Driveways?

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If you want to improve the curb appeal for your property, you can go for crushed gravel for driveway. It is quite an affordable and durable option. However, it is crucial to go for installation and maintenance when you want to install a crushed gravel driveway. So, we have listed down a few tips that will make it easier to install and maintain crushed gravel driveways.

Site Preparation

The first step is to remove any kind of rocks and vegetation from the site. For this, the site should be excavated according to the thickness of the gravel landscape rocks Lethbridge layer and the slope required for drainage. There should also be borders along the driveway to make sure that the gravel does not spread beyond the boundaries.

Installation Techniques

After this, you should lay down a landscape fabric over the excavated area. This fabric can help prevent weed growth and can also provide stability. You should make sure to create a solid foundation by adding crushed stone to the excavated area. This sub-base can be compacted with the help of a plate compactor. This will make the surface more stable. After that,the layer of crushed gravel should be spread evenly over the sub-base. You should choose gravel that has angular edges to make sure that it interlocks properly and also provides stability. The thickness should be around four to six inches.

Drainage Considerations

The driveway should also have a slight slope for proper drainage. The slope should be around 1-2% away from the structure. This will ensure that there is no pooling of water. There should be drainage channels along the sides of the driveway. You can use them to align with gravel and other types of materials.

Maintenance Practices

The driveway should be inspected from time to time and should be leveled with the help of a rake. This can help redistribute the gravel evenly. You can also maintain a smooth surface and prevent potholes with this practice. You should take care of weeds and vegetation and remove them from the driveway from time to time. This is crucial around edges and borders.

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