6 Ways To Add Gravel & Stones In Outdoor Paving

6 Ways To Add Gravel & Stones In Outdoor Paving
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You have chosen a section of the backyard that is ideal for an outdoor living area. However, you have to plan your route from your house to your new haven beneath the stars before you set out the lounge chairs and barbeque.

Gravel is a material that we believe deserves recognition in addition to slate paths and exquisitely constructed brick patios when it comes to exterior home renovation projects. We are rather impressed with this hardscaping material because of its price, permeability, durability, and adaptability.

Gravel complements various types of paving slabs UK with its wide range of colours and sizes. 

How to use gravel in your garden?

  • Walkways

Gravel is an excellent material for walkways since it drains quickly and has a nice crunch underfoot. The gravel rolls differently depending on how effectively it is installed and the kind of gravel you choose. Either use a bigger, crushed gravel that is heavier and better adheres to the ground, or finer gravel, such as decomposed granite, to minimise rolling. You can also create borders of walkways with coloured glass chippings.

  • Decorate driveways

One of the least expensive surface alternatives is gravel stone chippings, particularly for houses with long driveways. It never ages or splits, and the stone chips will not move about as much when gravel grids are used to install it. Gravel driveways provide you more flexibility than pavers if your land is prone to shifting or if you have large tree roots.

  • Garden bed

As decorative gravel & aggregate makes a good ground cover, it can also make an excellent mulch. One of our favourite gravel garden ideas is to use stones around the base of trees, decorative plants, and even tough garden veggies. Stone mulch can have a lovely polish, is resistant to deterioration, and discourages pest activity.

  • Fill the gaps

The spaces between natural stone paving slabs on flagstone or paver walks can be filled with gravel. The combination is visually appealing and requires less maintenance compared to paver walkways with spaces between the stone slabs for ground cover.

Choose a gravel colour that complements the pavers or flagstone. Installing a layer of compacted foundation rock first will stop gravel from washing up onto the flagstones. Next, place the flagstones slightly above the level of the gravel by putting them in the base rock and filling in any spaces with gravel.

  • Use stone aggregates as a grass alternative

A clean and low-maintenance alternative to grass is garden gravel or coloured glass aggregate. It eliminates the ongoing need for fertiliser, mowing, and watering. Also, it is better for the environment to use less water and chemicals in the garden, especially during the dry months. Additionally, your landscaping will constantly seem well-maintained.

  • Create patios

Gravel can increase your options for outdoor seating spaces. Rainwater can penetrate through the stones in gravel, making it a permeable surface. Gravel, when used as a patio material, creates a visually cohesive surface while also adding texture.

Select a colour that harmonises with your garden's design and goes well with the other hardscaping elements. 

In the end!

After choosing the pavement for your garden project, you must decide on the decorative aggregates you want to use. Do you want the gravel to contrast with the chosen paving slabs colour, or should they compliment it?

Both styles function well in general, so it really comes down to personal preference and your goals for the final appearance. However, we would advise against using very small stones to avoid the stones being trapped in your guests' shoes.


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AC Paving has been a premier supplier of stone and decorative aggregates since 1984. We offer a wide range of landscape products that cater to both private and...

AC Paving has been a premier supplier of stone and decorative aggregates since 1984. We offer a wide range of landscape products that cater to both private and trade customers.

Our products are imported from India, and we specialize in paving slabs UK, porcelain paving, sandstone paving and glass stones that is sold to retailers and trade across the country. With our extensive experience and commitment to quality, you can trust us to meet all your landscaping needs.

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