Head And Neck Pain Can Be Pretty Hard to Bear

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Sleep apnea is linked to several problems, such as snoring loudly, headaches in the morning, poor energy levels during the day, choking or gasping when you wake up, and painful or dry throat when you do. Heart problems and cardiovascular problems can also result from sleep apnea.

The natural reaction of our body is to clamp our teeth tightly together when oxygen is obstructed during sleep. You will likely be more aware of your West Los Angeles head and neck pain, TMJ pain, or sore teeth the following morning than you would be of your lack of quality sleep-related lethargy.

Your muscles are relaxed as a result of the combination of these therapies, which also helps with breathing. Additionally, chiropractors can assist patients by demonstrating specific breathing techniques that will increase the amount of oxygen entering their bodies and essentially retrain their breathing patterns.

Repositioning your jaw while you sleep to promote optimal airflow may be a more natural option to mechanically forcing oxygen into your airway (with a CPAP machine, for example). Oral sleep aids do this. If you have OSA, using a mandibular advancement device while you sleep can increase your oxygen intake starting the first night. Certain types of sleep apnea are treated by these FDA-approved devices at the mouth, where the condition originates. Some people can even stop using their CPAP completely.

Compared to the general population, migraine sufferers are 2 to 8 times more likely to have sleep problems. People with chronic migraine, which includes suffering headaches 15 or more days a month, report sleeping nearly twice as much as people with less symptoms.

Oral sleep aids are much more compact than CPAP equipment, are discrete, and are simple to clean. Your body can unwind and slumber better with increased oxygen intake and better-quality sleep. Once your OSA is under control, joint pain, muscular tightness, and daytime fatigue naturally get better.

Investing in a better pillow to prevent neck strain as you sleep may be the answer to your tension headache problems. To maintain good spinal alignment while sleeping on their side, side sleepers should be cautious to choose a pillow with the right height.

There are a few characteristics unique to headaches caused by sleep apnea. For instance, headaches from West Los Angeles Sleep Apnea that appear just after you get up in the morning typically only endure for 30 minutes. They also happen quite frequently, typically 15 days or more a month. Both sides of the head will be pressured, but there will not be any of the migraine-related symptoms like light or sound sensitivity or nausea.

Most headaches are brought on by either too much or too little sleep. Get enough regular, high-quality sleep to lessen headaches brought on by sleep deprivation. Make time so that you can obtain 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night

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