Revealing the types of silicone sex doll heads: hard silicone head and soft silicone head

Revealing the types of silicone sex doll heads: hard silicone head and soft silicone head
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08 November 2023

Silicone sex dolls have taken the market by storm, thanks to the constant innovation and sophisticated designs of doll manufacturers. These advancements meet the growing needs of doll lovers and enhance the overall experience. A notable development in this area is the introduction of the “soft silicone tip” upgrade. The purpose of this article is to provide an overview of the differences between "hard silicone tips" and "soft silicone tips" and provide a comprehensive understanding of their unique properties and enhancements to the doll experience.

Revealing the types of silicone sex doll heads: hard silicone head and soft silicone head

First, let’s take a look at the comparison between the hard silicone head and the soft silicone head of the Gosexfactory doll.

Hard Silicone Head: Durability meets realism
Hard silicone heads have been a regular choice for silicone sex dolls and offer unique advantages:

Greater Durability: The hard silicone head is known for its elasticity, holds its shape well and is resistant to wear and tear, ensuring your doll has a longer lifespan.

MORE DETAILS: The sturdy nature of hard silicone allows it to retain intricate details, resulting in more realistic facial features.

Implantation features: It is strongly recommended to use hard silicone heads to implant hair and eyebrows. The rigidity of the hard material can make the implanted hair well fixed, making the overall makeup very realistic. Click here to learn more about hair transplants.

Soft silicone tip: Embrace lifelike interactions
In recent years, most doll brands have begun to provide soft silicone heads to meet the demand for a more realistic experience:

Human-like feel: The soft silicone head simulates a softer touch and feels closer to a real person.

Oral function: The soft silicone head can provide oral function similar to TPE dolls, which is often lacking in traditional silicone dolls. This feature increases the range of intimate experiences the doll can provide.

Implant Features: Most doll manufacturers on the market that offer soft silicone heads do not allow hair implants on soft silicone heads because the hair may fall out more easily. However, some manufacturers now offer the option of hair implants on soft silicone tips

Brands that provide "soft silicone tips":
Zelex, Starpery, Irontech, Cosdoll, SY Doll, ElsaBabe, Gamelady, Jiusheng, QQ Doll, Angelkiss, Gosexfactory
P.S.: For some doll brands, this may incur additional charges.

Make Your Choice: Hard Silicone Tips vs. Soft Silicone Tips
Choosing between hard and soft silicone tips ultimately comes down to personal preference and the level of realism desired. It's important to remember that while soft tips provide a more realistic feel and oral function, they may require more maintenance because they are easily damaged. In contrast, hard tips are more durable and better able to retain the functionality of the implant, but may not provide the same level of interaction as soft tips.

When you choose a silicone tip, carefully consider the following factors:
1. Are you interested in having oral sex with a doll?
2. Do you like hair transplantation?

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