Dos and Don’ts for Your Next Mardi Gras Parade

Dos and Don’ts for Your Next Mardi Gras Parade
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Well, your favorite time of the year is around the corner. It is time for Mardi Gras 2024 and for many first timers, it may be a time for excitement and nervousness. Attending the magnificent event in New Orleans can be overwhelming. Questions like where to go, what to do surrounds the mind. With so many Mardi Gras stores in New Orleans the confusion increases and people are not sure what to purchase for the event. Fear not, we are here to clear your confusion.

Preparing for this event will be easier with the right knowledge by your side. Here is the list of dos and don’ts for the next Mardi Gras at New Orleans.


Many beginners to the Mardi Gras think that there will only be one parade, but there can be more than one. There are multiple parades and events to attend during the time. So, if you are planning a trip to New Orleans, make your stay in such a way that you can attend all the important parades.

Along with the great Mardi gras parades experience, Mardi gras shopping is something we cannot miss. During this time, you should visit Mardi gras stores in New Orleans and bag some of the amazing souvenirs to take home.

Here is what you must do during the time.

Arrive early for the event. We suggest our travelers to arrive at least a week early to explore the surroundings and plan better for the parade days. During the parade days, try to arrive early to find the best spots and assure yourself to collect Mardi gras throws.

Eat something. Do not say hungry or starved during the parade. Keep filling your stomach with some munchies prepared during this event. The city of New Orleans is known as the ‘city of chefs. While many people will sell their culinary preparations near the parade place at exorbitant prices. Chuck those stalls and reach out to the local restaurants to find the best food there.

Try to sneak outside the French Quarter to explore the natural beauty of the city. Mardi Gras happens around the French Quarter but the celebrations are done citywide. You should explore the entire city to make the most out of the time.

People flock in large numbers for the parades and thus, emergencies are a common thing. You should prepare your bag keeping in mind such emergencies.


Do not fall for the Mardi gras traps. Do not buy anything that is not useful to splurge in unnecessary things.

On the Fat Tuesday, do not try to stay on Bourbon Street past midnight.

Attend the event and make the most of it. Collect as many Mardi Gras throws as you can with us.

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