Outfit Ideas for your next Mardi Gras in New Orleans

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Dressing up for Mardi Gras is a fun-filled activity. Attending a Mardi Gras party calls for trying the wildest ideas for dressing up and showing up during the parade. Imagine yourself wearing those outrageous outfits, layers of Mardi Gras beads in New Orleans, and dressing up right according to the theme. You can have two different dresses for day and night parties. If you are planning to attend the event this year with your friends, here we share some inspiration that will help you.

Colors of Mardi Gras

Well, if you know even a little about Mardi Gras, you would be familiar with the colors used during the festive event. Irrespective of the kind of outfit you choose to wear, make sure that the colors to be chosen are from green, purple, and gold. To put together a good and pleasing outfit for Mardi Gras, you simply need to combine clothing items and all accessories in these colors. In the following section, we are sharing some outfit ideas for Mardi Gras and what is the best time to buy these items from a carnival store.

You just need to stock all the items in purple, green, and gold, and put together everything.

Mardi Gras Outfit Inspiration

Whenever you are heading to a carnival store to find the best Mardi gras outfit, make sure that the outfit your wear blend with the rest of the people attending the parade. Basically, it should be an explosion of colors, these outfits can be outrageous, wacky, and weird. So, never be afraid to try even the weirdest combination with feathers, feathers, and whatever that come to your mind.

A general idea to choose an outfit for a colorful clothing item is a bodysuit, dress, or pants, and also pairing it with other neutral items and a ton of colorful accessories.

A few examples are:

• A jean jacket + Purple shoes + green dress. Or

• Black Jeans + Purple Bodysuit + purple wig and golden glasses, or

• Tons of colorful Mardi gras beans in New Orleans + gold joggers + black body suit

We just shared a few inspirations; however, you can play more with outfits and colors. We gave you a rough idea on how you can create a carnival outfit by yourself.

You just need to pay a little more attention when you go to buy cheap Mardi Gras throws. You can make a choice and ensure that you look the best during the parade.

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