Control Your Diabetes with These Amazing Management Apps

Control Your Diabetes with These Amazing Management Apps
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Diabetes is a severe and fast-growing health concern in the 21st century which is affecting millions of people. A WHO report says about 422 million people worldwide have diabetes. We live in an era of technology where everything is linked to our smartphones right from shopping to tracking health. It’s a clever move if you have one of the best diabetes management apps installed in your handy gadgets, as it will keep track of your health during your diabetic diagnosis journey.

It’s important to figure out which is the best diabetes app for you as there are lots of different health apps in the market. Your priority should be how easily you can manage life with diabetes apps and not surfing through the internet to get one. Here, we come as a team to make your search more smooth & easy.

10 Best Diabetes Management Apps of 2023

1. mySugr

mySugr app made for people with diabetes by people with diabetes. The app does it all for type 1, type 2, and gestational diabetes management, and along with this it offers carb counting, glucose tracking, and bolus dose calculation estimates. It gives you weekly, monthly, and even yearly reports on your blood glucose levels. With an overview of your last three months of blood glucose levels, the app will give you an estimate of HbA1c anytime and anywhere on the dashboard.

2. Glucose Buddy Diabetes Tracker

Glucose Buddy Diabetes Tracker app by Azumio, Inc tracks your blood glucose, medicine, CGM data, insulin, carbs, food photos, exercise, weight, A1C, blood pressure, and ketones. The app gives you convenient reminders of when your blood glucose is due to be checked or it’s time to take meds. It gets integrated with Dexcom glucometer devices, Apple Health apps, and more, making tracking easy and convenient. Plus, it comes with custom insights that help you understand how your lifestyle impacts your diabetes management.

3. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal app is not diabetics specific but it offers exceptional food tracking software. With the app you will be able to locate lots of products with accurate nutrition information. It has features such as a meal and activity log, customized recommendations based on goals, a supportive community, tracking progress over time, meal plans and custom carb-tracking tools.

4. Diabetes:M

Diabetes:M is the go-to solution for people who want better control of their health and rely on having all relevant information right in their reach. The app offers features such as test time reminders, nutritional log and tracking system, integrations with fitness apps and blood sugar trend mapping. It also offers a bolus calculator based on the nutritional information you add.

5. OneTouch Reveal

The app complements the OneTouch Verio Flex and OneTouch Verio Reflect meters to track your readings over time. The app will notify you of repeated highs or lows so you can take action to avoid them in the future. The color-sure technology that automatically organizes your blood sugar results in a color-code logbook and dashboard that is linked with your logged food, insulin, and activity.

6. BlueStar Diabetes

BlueStar is a free, award-winning app powered by Welldoc for people living with diabetes. The app offers a variety of helpful tools for those with type 1 or type 2 diabetes. Based on your blood glucose, medications, and lifestyle, the app guides you to improve your A1C and overall health.

7. Fooducate-Calorie Counter App

The Fooducate app is a nutrition-centered monitoring app. It helps you to figure out which food can keep your blood sugar in a healthy range. A unique feature of the app is that it has more than 300,000 foods programmed. Whenever the user scans the barcode, he or she will see an A, B, C, or D, grading for how healthy the food is.

8. Beat Diabetes

The app is best for newly diagnosed people. It helps them to speed up the condition for improvement. The app offers tips for understanding and managing diabetes, such as the best and worst foods items for diabetes, advice on controlling blood sugar levels, descriptions of potential diabetes complications to look for, and an overall of the latest treatment strategies. The app is only available on the Google Play Store.

9. Glucose Tracker-Diabetic Diary

The app becomes an indispensable glucose buddy for anyone with gestational diabetes, type 1 or type 2. It will allow you to track regular hemoglobin, sugar levels, pressure, and insulin reminder and also add tags, medications, conditions and weight to each record.

10. Medical ID

Many times the simplest technology is the most important. The pre-installed application on the iPhone provides information to responders in the event of an emergency. The app allows you to create a medical profile that includes all your important details. All the information is accessible on the lock screen of your mobile phone.


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