Cigarette and e-cigarette: What are the differences?

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There is a clear distinction between conventional cigarettes and e-cigarettes. But where exactly are the differences? Especially the health side plays a major role for many questioners. It is widely known that tobacco cigarettes are harmful. But is electronic cigarette healthier, or do vapers go from bad to worse? This article takes a closer look at the differences from a medical point of view and explains what is important regarding e-cigarettes.

The differences at a glance

The e-cigarette was developed in 2003. No dried tobacco is burned here in contrast to a conventional cigarette. Instead, a special liquid is used. A heating coil vaporizes - so it's not smoke. First, it is important to note that an e-cigarette is not equated to tobacco heaters. It is common in the vernacular, but there are several differences:

Tobacco cigarette - tobacco is lit and burned. This creates both the smoke that is actively inhaled and the smoke that constantly emanates from the cigarette due to combustion.

Tobacco heaters - these models are filled with a capsule filled with tobacco. The device now heats the tobacco. However, smoke only occurs if the start button is actively pressed. Passive smoke is thus massively restricted.

E-cigarette – it works without any tobacco-containing products. Inside the device is an evaporator that heats a small amount of the filled liquid as soon as the switch is pressed. There is no smoke, only steam. This is immediately inhaled, and passive vapeurs is hardly noticeable.

The differences are extremely diverse:

Temperature – with tobacco cigarettes, temperatures of up to 850 degrees Celsius occur on the embers. The evaporator of an e-cigarette only heats the liquid to a temperature that ranges between 80 and 120 degrees Celsius, depending on the model.

Combustion Products: Burning tobacco produces over 1,000 by-products, all of which are unhealthy. With e-cigarettes, there are hardly any by-products. The liquid comprises propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, nicotine, and flavourings. While the flavourings are also used in the food industry, propylene glycol and glycerin usually come from the medical field.

Nicotine - a tobacco cigarette always has a fixed nicotine value. A concentration of about 0.8 mg per cigarette is usual. With the e-cigarette, the user decides whether and how much nicotine he wants. Depending on the cigarette chosen, he can purchase the liquid himself or mix it with nicotine-free liquid.

The effect of nicotine is also different when considering e-cigarettes vs cigarettes. The nicotine absorption with the e-cigarette is slower if it works quickly with an ordinary cigarette. Switchers often have the feeling that the e-cigarette is of no use to them. It is often because the puff is only taken when the nicotine craving has already set in. Looking for vape products then check Randm Tornado 7000 at Simbavapes.

What is the health side like?

We must look at this question from a special point of view. No reputable retailer will advertise e-cigarettes as 'healthy' - but they are healthier than tobacco cigarettes. In general:

Healthier alternative – because there are no combustion products and low-nicotine or no-nicotine vaping options, e-cigarettes offer smokers a healthier alternative. Carbon monoxide and irritating hydrocarbons or tar substances, which lead to deposits in the respiratory tract (anthracosis), are particularly noteworthy here.

On the other hand, no alternative - the health aspect is lost for all non-smokers. Anyone who has never smoked or has long since stopped smoking should not use e-cigarettes. All substances that are not inhaled are healthier than any liquid.

Studies show that studies also back e-cigarettes as a healthier alternative. However, it must consider that no mass of results is available regarding normal cigarettes. Long-term studies are limited, given the short history of the e-cigarette. Various studies have dealt with the effects of tobacco smoke on health for thirty years.

From a medical point of view, apart from unexpected long-term findings, it is the lesser evil. Of course, doctors continue to urge caution, but in the UK, the scientists at the Ministry of Health agree: Vaping noticeably reduces health risks. R&m tornado 7000 is a very healthy alternative to smoking.

The most commonly known problems so far result from an intolerance to the ingredients of the liquid. The liquids are also available without propylene glycol. Another problem is known from the USA: The e-cigarettes there, which are particularly popular with young people, have an extremely high nicotine content, which is banned in Europe.

What to consider when buying?

There is not much that can go wrong when buying e-cigarettes these days. It is still advisable to try out some devices because not everyone can cope with all variants:

Vapeurs: Many e-cigarettes today produce a lot of vapeurs, which is often warm. What pleases one person makes others cough. In some cases, devices with cool steam are more pleasant.

Safety – the devices require the CE mark and should only be purchased from reputable sources. The power comes from a battery that must comply with safety regulations.

  • Liquids - they are the most important asset of the e-cigarette. Whether pods are required, or liquid bottles depends on the model. High quality is important, based on medicinal ingredients and flavours from the food industry.

Many questions about e-cigarettes depend on your own needs and likely use. Many users prefer to mix their liquids themselves or wire the atomizer themselves. Others want to experience vaping like they are used to smoking: open the pack, take out the cigarette, light it and enjoy. For these users, e-cigarettes with pre-filled pods are ideal.

Conclusion – healthier, not healthy

Combustion versus vaporization, solids versus choices. Tobacco cigarettes and e-cigarettes differ in almost every respect. The only common thing is that smoke and vapeurs are both inhaled. In this regard, the e-cigarette is significantly healthier and, therefore, a good opportunity for people switching to vice to live out their vice without endangering themselves too badly. However, there are still no real long-term studies, and one must always pay attention to the quality of the e-cigarette and the liquid.
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