E-Cigarettes And Shisha in Comparison - From The Nicotine Content To How It Works

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E-Cigarettes And Shisha in Comparison - From The Nicotine Content To How It Works

E-cigarettes and shisha have been on everyone's lips for the last few years. While shishas are particularly well known from the Arab world, where the hookah has a long tradition, e-cigarettes have developed as an alternative to conventional cigarettes. A striking similarity between the two methods is the aromatic vapor - as a vaper or smoker you can choose your favorite flavor and enjoy it. In this blog post you will learn everything about e-cigarettes and shishas, their similarities, differences and what you should pay attention to when consuming them. Find out more about e-cigarettes and shisha now!


  • Definition e-cigarette
  • Definition hookah
  • The similarities between e-cigarettes and hookahs
  • The differences between e-cigarettes and shisha
  • Health aspects of e-cigarettes and shisha
  • Conclusion: The most important points at a glance

Definition Of an E-Cigarette

An e-cigarette, also known as a vape, is a rechargeable electronic device for vaping so-called e-liquids. These are flavored liquids, either with or without nicotine. E-cigarettes consist of a battery carrier with battery, vaporizer and mouthpiece. There is an evaporator head in the evaporator, which should always be surrounded by liquid.

While some vapes have a built-in sensor that automatically detects the puff on the e-cigarette and then activates it, i.e., have an intelligent automatic puff, other e-cigarettes have a button that can be used to activate the device. When the e-cigarette is activated, the coil in the evaporator head heats up so that the liquid evaporates. Unlike conventional cigarettes, there is no combustion, so no substances classified as carcinogenic are produced. For example, vaping e-cigarettes is less harmful to health than traditional tobacco cigarettes.


A shisha is a water pipe from the Arab world and probably has its origins in the 16th century. Tobacco with fruit aroma or similar flavors is generally smoked in the shisha. The smoke is first drawn through a water-filled vessel, the bowl. This cools the smoke and also allows the water to easily filter suspended matter and some water-soluble substances in hookah smoke. When you smoke shisha, you automatically always consume nicotine, because nicotine is naturally contained in the tobacco plant - so there is no real shisha tobacco without nicotine.

In addition to the conventional shisha, there are now also e-shishas on the market that work without coal and tobacco. An e-shisha is similar to an e-cigarette. Both variants consist of:

  • a battery,
  • a vaporizer,
  • a container for the liquid
  • and a mouthpiece

With the e-shisha, a flavored liquid is also heated by electrical energy and converted into steam. To activate the e-shisha, all you have to do is pull on the mouthpiece. This gives you another option for a steam and taste experience - in contrast to a normal shisha even without nicotine.


The e-cigarette and the shisha do not have many things in common. Nevertheless: Both variants of smoking or vaping do not produce the typical cigarette smell, but only the pleasant fragrant, vapour. It can still happen with the shisha that it smells burnt. If this happens to you, you should take a closer look at the tobacco and coal. Like the blog then don't forget to visit Simbavapes as it is providing amazing vape products like crystal bar 600 and other vape items in the UK.

Another similarity is that you can choose the aromas and flavors, so you can always smoke your favorite flavor.


There are some differences between e-cigarettes and shisha: Both variants differ in handling, service life and nicotine content.

E cigarette


  • Different device sizes: from vape pens to pod kits, you will find the right size for you. 
  • Different designs: Whether brightly colored, with unusual patterns or simply plain - there is the right e-cigarette for your style. 
  • Low to high battery power. 
  • Rechargeable battery. 
  • With and without nicotine. 
  • Activation by inhalation or by pressing a button. 
  • With and without control buttons. 
  • liquids. These have a shelf life of 12 to 24 months
  • Various sizes, from table hookahs to multi-person hookahs with up to four hoses. 
  • Various designs, either completely made of glass, transparent, or classic with a glass bowl and a metal smoke column. From neon to plain everyone will find the right shisha. 
  • Always with nicotine because of the tobacco 
  • The smoke is drawn using the mouthpiece. 
  • Tobacco with aroma and in many flavors 
  • More accessories are required, such as charcoal, heads, charcoal lighters, possibly aluminum foil for the head, tongs. 
  • Long service life if the shisha is always cleaned. Hookah tobacco has a shelf life of about two years unopened

There are some differences as you noticed. The main differences are that e-cigarettes are smaller and more convenient, so you can take them with you wherever you go. Since a shisha needs more accessories, such as the charcoal lighter and water for the bowl, you are not that flexible with it. If you just want to vape, an e-cigarette will suffice as you can also do without nicotine.

Health Aspects Of E-Cigarettes And Shisha

It is well known that the consumption of conventional cigarettes promotes chronic as well as acute diseases such as lung diseases, cardiovascular diseases and strokes. But what about the consumption of e-cigarettes and shisha?

As already mentioned, you can also consume the e-cigarette without nicotine. In addition, there is no combustion in an e-cigarette because there is no tobacco and therefore no tar is absorbed. When you smoke hookah, you are inevitably exposed to nicotine, as the tobacco plant naturally contains nicotine. As an alternative, you can get an e-shisha, because you can also vape it without nicotine if you are just looking for a relaxed vape and taste experience.

The vaping of e-cigarettes can be classified as less harmful to health than conventional cigarettes made from tobacco. Nevertheless, nicotine is an addictive substance. When smoking shisha, you are also exposed to fine dust particles that are produced when the tobacco is burned with coal. Make sure you smoke or vape more consciously.

Conclusion: The Most Important Points At A Glance

An e-cigarette differs from a shisha in more ways than you might think. It starts with the handling: While an e-cigarette is small and therefore portable, you are relatively flexible with it. A shisha requires more accessories and depending on the size, you cannot take it everywhere. You can also do without nicotine with e-cigarettes.

Both methods of smoking allow you to enjoy vaping - you can choose your favorite aroma from many different flavors and start vaping.

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