Choosing the Right Commercial Doors For your Office/Store

Choosing the Right Commercial Doors For your Office/Store
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Choosing the right commercial door can be a formidable job. You want the right view, the right fabric, and the right level of security for your department store, warehouse, or shop.

In this article, we go over the necessities you need to keep in mind while choosing for you.

So, you can make an advised decision, get doors installed, and get the business up and running for opening day.

Sound exciting? Keep reading to find out more about this!

How Commercial Doors Differ from Residential Doors

You might be considering that a door is a door and that there aren’t excuses to pay close consideration to the style you choose.

But the truth is that commercial doors take on more responsibility in a business setting than residential ones do. And there are basic differences as well.

The most evident one is size. Generally, commercial doors are larger than residential doors.

But beyond size, commercial door use can also be significantly different. A clear example is a door at a stacking dock. The absolute number of times a loading door dock gets opened and shut down is usually much more than a residential door.

These doors are also generally heavier and need to have protection if the building they are attached to is high temperature controlled.


When it comes to selecting the right commercial door, there is a wide range of types. Manufacturers have made doors which meet up the needs of every client. They can be commercial entry doors, loading dock doors, rolling doors or commercial storefront doors.


There are distinct materials used in producing commercial doors. Wood is the lowest of them all but can be exposed to bending due to outdoor vapor and temperature variations. The other material is fiberglass which saves money on standby and repair cost over the long term. This is as it is lasting. These doors require little care and are the most expensive type of commercial door.

Aluminum and glass pattern are perfect for entrances of stores. The mixture is popular since it is prestigious and has a glossy appearance. These are however unsafe as they are not fire rated and are fashioned from safety glass to avoid damages when they break. Also, there is the steel type of commercial door utilized for most outdoor commercial doors. They give warehouses and factories the highest security level.


If you’ll be opening a retail shop, you’ll need a aluminium storefront door. These can come in many unique styles, although they don’t usually need to be as big as a garage door.

Your storefront door needs to be pleasant since it’s one of the first things clients will see when they arrive. They also need to be robust, since they’ll possibly begin and close hundreds of times a day. Finally, they should be comfortable to fix in case of damage or wear and tear.

Choosing the Best Commercial Door Supplier

Now that you have a sense of what kind of commercial door to choose, you need to choose the best supplier to supply it.

If you need a great supplier of commercial doors and installation services, check out Imperial aluminum gallery to see more about what they offer.

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