Secure and Sturdy: A Guide to Installing Commercial Steel Doors

Secure and Sturdy: A Guide to Installing Commercial Steel Doors
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In today's era, steel doors and door frames have become essential fixtures in commercial and industrial buildings, offering unparalleled protection and durability. Widely utilized across various settings including schools and stores, steel doors are a top choice for enhancing security and stability.

Proper installation of steel doors:

Ensuring the correct installation of doors and frames is crucial for optimal performance and safety. While issues may sometimes arise, they are often attributed to poor installation rather than product quality. Here's a comprehensive guide to installing commercial steel doors effectively:

Step 1: Preparing for installation:

Unlike hardware items, commercial door manufacturers typically do not provide printed installation instructions due to variations in door sizes. It's advisable to hire experienced professionals for installation, especially for complex applications. Follow these steps to prepare for installation:

  • Select appropriate materials and tools, ensuring proper identification of the door.
  • Unpack the door and organize hardware components accordingly.
  • Verify the frame opening's precise width to avoid fitting issues.

Step 2: Hinge application and installation:

  • Identify the top of the door by comparing hinges on frames.
  • Clean screw holes and ensure smoothness for easy installation.
  • Attach hinges to the door using provided machine screws, ensuring not to over-tighten.

Step 3: Installing the steel door:

  • Ensure the door moves smoothly across the openings.
  • Support the top hinge on the door using appropriate hinge cut.
  • Install hinges onto the frame reinforcement, removing support as necessary.
  • Verify smooth opening and closing of the door and install the lockset and closer.

Installing heavy-weight hinges:

Modern manufacturers offer features for modifying heavy-weight hinges without affecting installation procedures. Various methods, such as altering set screws or removing filler shim plates, allow heavier hinges to fit seamlessly. Follow these steps for successful installation:

  • Locate non-handed filler plates and install them between door hinge reinforcement.
  • Check for manufacturer's recommended modifications.
  • Follow door installation instructions for smooth operation.


Commercial steel doors offer long-term benefits, combining durability with cost-effectiveness. With customizable options and natural aesthetics, steel doors provide superior solutions compared to alternatives like fiberglass. By following proper installation procedures, you can ensure the effectiveness and longevity of commercial steel doors.

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