Best Resources to Become a Blockchain Expert

Best Resources to Become a Blockchain Expert
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Blockchain technology has played a vital role in the development of a novel industry. The blockchain industry grew in value to almost $4.8 billion in 2021, along with many trends suggesting favorable opportunities ahead. At the same time, the search for a blockchain expert has intensified by humongous margins in recent times. 

The use cases of blockchain and the number of businesses using blockchain have been increasing, thereby fuelling the need for blockchain professionals. How can you become a certified blockchain expert? Is there any specific course that can help you become an expert on blockchain technology? The following post offers an outline of the top learning resources for developing expertise in blockchain technology with quantifiable proof.

Why Should You Become a Blockchain Expert?

Blockchain has huge transformative potential, evident in the massive scale of blockchain-based applications emerging in recent times. Cryptocurrencies changed the way people and institutions managed their finances. On top of it, dApps established the foundation for using smart contracts in the decentralization of legacy systems. 

The pace of growth in the blockchain industry also implies the need for certified blockchain expert roles in modern workforces. Professional experts in blockchain could help the field of blockchain thrive optimally on a global scale. Apart from their contribution to the mainstream recognition and adoption of blockchain technologies, blockchain experts also work on innovative solutions. 

Ideal Learning Resources for Aspiring Blockchain Experts

The significance of the role of blockchain experts in a business proves how a blockchain expert certification can offer credible career opportunities. However, beginners should not pursue an expert certification from the start as it could impose the burden of confusion due to new topics. Therefore, you must seek promising learning resources for honing your knowledge in specific areas required for blockchain experts. 

Interestingly, a proven career path could help you prepare for blockchain certification programs to validate your blockchain expertise. 101 Blockchains offers an organized career learning path tailored for blockchain experts with a selected assortment of courses. Here is an outline of the best resources you can rely on to become blockchain experts.

  • Enterprise Blockchains Fundamentals 

The Enterprise Blockchains Fundamentals course is one of the best resources for blockchain beginners. On top of it, the course is available without any cost. The free course helps you specialize in the fundamental concepts and terms of blockchain technology. 

  • Introduction to DeFi Course

If you are seeking a reliable blockchain course, then the Introduction to DeFi course can fulfill your needs. The course helps you familiarize yourself with decentralized finance and how it transforms the conventional systems and uses of financial services. It also helps you learn about DeFi from a non-traders perspective.

  • Stablecoin Fundamentals Masterclass

The next addition to blockchain training courses for aspiring blockchain experts would refer to the Stablecoin Fundamentals Masterclass. It is an effective tool for learning about stablecoins, the proven instrument for elevating trust in blockchain applications.  

  • NFT Fundamentals Course

The collection of the best resources to learn about blockchain will also emphasize in the NFT Fundamentals course. The NFT Fundamentals course offers insights into the origins of non-fungible tokens and their technological foundations. In addition, the course also features guides on creating NFT projects.   

  • Getting Started with Bitcoin Technology

The portfolio of a blockchain expert is practically incomplete without the knowledge of Bitcoin. Who would believe that an expert in a blockchain doesn't know about Bitcoin? The Getting Started with Bitcoin technology offers a deep dive into how blockchain serves as the groundwork for creating cryptocurrencies. 

  • Central Bank Digital Currency Masterclass

The final addition among the best resources for blockchain experts would point to the Central Bank Digital Currency Masterclass. It helps in identifying the applications of blockchain for creating alternatives to national currencies with better value advantages. 

Final Words 

The search for a specific blockchain expert course can be quite challenging. On the contrary, a career learning path for becoming a blockchain expert serves as a better and more flexible option. The selection of courses on specific topics such as blockchain fundamentals, Bitcoin, stablecoins, CBDC, NFTs, and DeFi could expand the knowledge base required for blockchain experts. Subsequently, you can pursue certifications in these concepts to validate your identity as an expert in blockchain. Explore the different resources on 101 Blockchains that could help you become a professional blockchain expert. 

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