Best PPC/CPC Ad Networks for Publishers and Bloggers

Best PPC/CPC Ad Networks for Publishers and Bloggers
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Here is a list of the top 10 PPC ad networks for bloggers and publishers as of 2023, updated for your convenience. This list was put together with consideration for the earning possibilities of each network as well as how straightforward they are for publishers to deal with.

1. Google Adsense: Best CPC Ad Network for Publishers

Google AdSense is one of the greatest PPC ad networks of 2023 and is without a doubt the highest paying network in terms of clicks and maintains good ad quality. It has more than 1 million active publishers.  Google AdSense is the ideal video ad network for publishers and advertisers. Typically, AdSense can help entertainment and media publishers earn higher CPMs (cost per thousand impressions). Google AdSense is a terrific way to monetize your content and increase your income if you write entertainment or media material.

2. 7Search PPC

Display entertainment ads benefit from strong integration and a high chance of drawing in your target demographic. Native content's core is stuff that users are already looking for. The greatest video ad network may be provided to publishers and advertisers by 7Search PPC, which is the best in this field. Their structures blend in seamlessly with the area's natural beauty and are not overbearing. With the help of 7search PPC, the best mobile ad network for advertising may be located. Check out 7Search PPC if you're looking for alternative revenue sources for websites to Adsense.

3. Mgid: Best CPC Ad Network For Publishers

It is one of the native ad networks with the quickest growth rates and has effectively carved out a market niche in terms of both scale and technology. Thousands of renowned publishers use Mgid now because they have discovered a substitute that works in addition to Google AdSense and can further monetize the publisher ad stack. The widget is a great option for news and popular websites because it gives competitive CPM rates that can range from USD 2 to USD 5.

4. Taboola: Best Native CPC Ad Network For Publishers

Recommends editorial and sponsored content on several of the most popular websites in the globe. It enables brands to surface their content to the correct audience at scale, increases engagement, and aids publishers in making money off of their material. Above all, Taboola enables users to find stuff they would enjoy but never realized was out there. It is among the top PPC ad networks for generating revenue from US traffic. Due to a bigger volume of advertisers focusing on the inventory across the US, the rates are quite high for tier-one nations, particularly the US. With a high CTR and engagement, it is one of the greatest CPC ad networks.

5. SmartyAds: Best Entertainment Ad network For Publisher

The SmartyAds SSP media-selling best-ad network was developed for publishers looking for intelligent revenue optimization. Inventory becomes more competitive as a result of their high volume private marketplace transactions, whether they take place on desktop, mobile, or in-app header-bidding wrappers, increasing publishers' yield.

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