Best Ad Network for Publishers in 2023

Best Ad Network for Publishers in 2023
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06 September 2023

In 2023, the landscape of digital advertising for publishers continues to evolve, with several ad networks vying for the attention of publishers looking to monetize their online content. While it's important to note that the effectiveness of an ad network can vary based on your niche, audience, and content type, I'll mention 7Search PPC in the first position, followed by six other top ad networks worth considering.

7Search PPC:

7Search PPC is a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising network that has gained popularity among publishers for its simplicity and cost-effectiveness. While it might not be as well-known as some other giants in the industry, 7Search offers a competitive edge through its low cost-per-click rates, making it a great choice for smaller publishers looking to maximize their revenue.

Publishers can target specific keywords and demographics to ensure ads are relevant to their audience. The network also provides real-time reporting and analytics, enabling publishers to optimize their campaigns for better results.

Google AdSense:

Google AdSense remains a powerhouse in the world of online advertising. It offers a wide range of ad formats, including display, text, and video ads, allowing publishers to integrate ads into their content seamlessly. AdSense's vast advertiser network often translates into higher earnings potential for publishers.

Amazon Advertising:

Amazon Advertising has grown significantly over the years, particularly for publishers in the e-commerce and product-focused niches. With Amazon Sponsored Products and Display Ads, publishers can tap into Amazon's massive customer base and leverage the platform's robust targeting capabilities. is another famous publisher offering contextual ads that blend well with content. It is known for its high-quality ads and firm performance, especially in tech, finance, and lifestyle niches. The network provides publishers with a user-friendly dashboard for managing and optimizing ads.


AdThrive is a premium ad network that provides personalized solutions for publishers. It boasts high CPMs and offers comprehensive support, including ad optimization, header bidding, and ad layout improvements. AdThrive is best suited for publishers with significant traffic.


Ezoic is a platform that uses artificial intelligence to optimize ad placements and layouts for publishers. It can significantly increase ad revenue through its automated testing and optimization features. Ezoic is accessible to publishers of all sizes and offers a user-friendly interface.


OpenX is a programmatic ad exchange enabling publishers to sell their ad inventory to advertisers. It provides real-time bidding (RTB) capabilities, allowing publishers to maximize ad revenue through dynamic pricing. OpenX is suitable for mid-sized to large publishers with a significant audience.

Choosing the best ad network for your publishing needs in 2023 depends on several factors:

Audience: Consider the demographics and interests of your audience. Some networks are better at targeting specific niches or demographics.

Content Type: The type of content you produce can also influence your choice. For instance, if you focus on video content, you may want to prioritize networks that excel in video advertising.

Traffic Volume: Larger networks like Google AdSense and AdThrive may require a higher level of traffic to maximize revenue.

Monetization Goals: Determine whether your primary goal is maximizing revenue, improving user experience, or balancing the two.

Ease of Use: Consider your technical proficiency and how user-friendly the ad network's interface is.

Support and Services: Some network offer premium support and services to help publishers optimize their ad strategies.

Experimenting with different networks and monitoring their performance is crucial to finding the best fit for your situation. Additionally, consider diversifying your revenue streams by using a combination of ad networks and other monetization methods like affiliate marketing and sponsored content to reduce reliance on a single source of income. Remember that ad networks' policies and performance can change over time, so staying informed and adapting your strategy accordingly is essential for long-term success as a publisher in 2023.

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