5 Ways to Increase Your CPC with E-commerce

5 Ways to Increase Your CPC with E-commerce
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Cost Per Click (CPC) is a critical indicator for e-commerce companies since it has a direct impact on their advertising expenses and overall profitability. When someone clicks on an advertisement, the advertiser gets charged a certain amount, or CPC. Increasing your CPC as an e-commerce business owner can result in more focused traffic, higher conversion rates, and eventually increased revenue. In this blog post, we'll look at five practical ways to increase your CPC and maximize the impact of your advertising.

Improve Your Keywords

Any successful CPC campaign must start with keyword optimization. You may boost the likelihood that someone will convert to your E-Commerce Website by choosing the correct keywords to target. Start by carrying out extensive keyword research to find pertinent, popular search terms related to your goods or services. Use analytics data and keyword research tools to determine which terms are effective in generating conversions.

Long-tail keywords should be used in your advertising efforts because they frequently have less competition and higher conversion rates. Long-tail keywords are useful for e-commerce companies since they are more focused and represent the user's intent. Additionally, to stay relevant and adjust to shifting customer behavior, periodically examine and update your keyword list.

Heighten Ad Relevance

Ad relevance is taken into account when determining CPC by search engines and Advertising Networks like 7Search PPC. Ad relevancy refers to how well your ad and the content of your landing page align with the user's search intent. Lower CPC and higher ad ranks can result from more ad relevancy.

Make sure your ad wording matches your chosen keywords and the information on your landing page to increase ad relevancy. Write ads that are appealing and effectively convey the value of your goods or services. Make your advertising stand out by using ad extensions to add more details. Test many ad variations frequently to determine the most successful ones and improve their performance.

Use Retargeting Advertising

Remarketing, another name for ad retargeting, is an effective tactic for raising CPC and boosting conversion rates. It entails focusing on users who have been to your website before but did not take the desired action, like placing a purchase. You may entice these customers to return to your e-commerce store and finish their transaction by presenting tailored adverts to them as they visit other websites or social media platforms.

Ad retargeting reminds customers of the products they previously expressed interest in and keeps your brand top-of-mind. This strategy can drastically raise your CPC for your e-commerce advertising by increasing click-through rates and conversion rates. To send more individualized and relevant advertising to your retargeting audience, make sure to segment your audience depending on their website usage and activity.

Focus on Creating High-Quality Ad Creatives

The world of online advertising is one where visual attractiveness is important. Ad creatives of a high caliber can significantly influence user engagement and clickthrough rates. Invest in producing aesthetically appealing and pertinent ad creatives that highlight your goods or services.

To engage the audience, use expert product photos and think about using films or animations. A compelling call to action in your ad copy can also persuade users to click on it. To guarantee a consistent user experience across all devices, remember to optimize ad creatives for all platforms and devices.

Utilize A/B testing

The secret to improving your CPC and overall advertising success is constant development. Split testing, often known as A/B testing, enables you to evaluate several ad components to find the most successful combinations.

Make several iterations of your ad's headlines, graphics, and call-to-action buttons, then run them all at once. To determine which variations provide higher click-through rates and conversions, keep an eye on the performance indicators. Make data-driven decisions based on the findings to improve your ad campaigns and gradually raise your CPC.


In conclusion, optimizing your keywords, ad relevancy, retargeting, ad creatives, and A/B testing are all important components of an all-encompassing strategy for raising your CPC with e-commerce. You may increase the amount of targeted traffic that comes to your e-commerce business and the amount of money you make by putting these techniques into practice and regularly monitoring your performance indicators.

Keep in mind that improving CPC requires constant adaptation and improvement rather than a one-time effort. To stay ahead of the competition and increase the efficacy of your CPC ads, keep up with the most recent trends and modifications in the e-commerce and advertising scene. advertisement success!

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