Best Free Prank Calling Websites: 15 Platforms for Epic Jokes

Best Free Prank Calling Websites: 15 Platforms for Epic Jokes

In this blog post, we'll discuss 15 of the top free prank calling websites that have emerged in the digital age. These platforms can provide you and your friends with endless entertainment and help you create unforgettable experiences, just like traditional prank calls have for decades.

1. PrankDial

PrankDial is a website that specializes in prank calls. They have a large selection of pre-recorded calls with different prank scenarios, character voices, and sound effects. You can personalize the prank and send it to whoever you would like. PrankDial is suitable for people who are new to pranking and those who already enjoy it.

2. PrankOwl

PrankOwl is a platform for prank calls that offers pre-recorded as well as live prank calls with professional comedians. You can pick from different prank categories like romance, family, and friends, to target specific scenarios. PrankOwl also allows you to record the call for future entertainment.

3. Ownage Pranks

If you enjoy watching funny prank calls on YouTube, you may already know about Ownage Pranks. This site enables you to send pre-recorded prank calls with lifelike voice acting. Ownage Pranks has a vast collection of prank scenarios and an easy-to-use interface, offering an entertaining experience filled with laughter.

4. ComedyCalls

ComedyCalls is a platform that offers a variety of prank call options designed for lighthearted entertainment. These options include celebrity impersonations and humorous scenarios. Using this platform, you can select a prank call and send it to your friends without their knowledge. The most exciting part is that you can listen to their real-time reactions.

5. Easy Prank

Easy is a website that allows users to easily create and send prank calls. It offers various funny scenarios like fake news reports, irritating telemarketers, and prank interviews. With Easy Prank, you can surprise your loved ones with hilarious pranks.

6. Wacky Prank Calls

For those who enjoy making prank calls, Wacky Prank Calls is a well-liked choice. The website offers a variety of pre-recorded prank calls showcasing various characters and situations. By incorporating specific details such as names and locations, you can personalize the call to add to its authenticity and amusement.

7. Prank Call Nation

Prank Call Nation is a platform for prank calling driven by a community. It provides live prank calls, shows, and podcasts. You can be a part of the fun by joining a community of experienced pranksters. Additionally, you can participate in live prank calls or even learn prank calling from the experts.

8. Prankster Planet

Prankster Planet is a website where you can send prank calls and messages to your friends and family. They have a variety of funny options to choose from, such as fake survey calls and prank voicemails. It's a great way to create unforgettable and humorous pranks.

9. Phone Losers

Phone Losers is a website where you can listen to entertaining and original prank calls. They have a large selection of pre-recorded calls with funny scenarios and amusing conversations. Additionally, Phone Losers has a community and podcast that allows you to share your own prank call experiences.

10. Prank Hotline

Prank Hotline is a website where you can have some fun with prank calls using pre-recorded messages. They have different prank options, like pretending to break-up or offering a fake job. Just choose your prank, enter the person's phone number, and enjoy their immediate response.


There many free prank calling websites available online that can make prank calling more fun and accessible. These websites offer a variety of pre-recorded and live prank scenarios that can create memorable moments of laughter. With these top 15 free prank calling websites, you can team up with your friends and pull off some epic jokes. 

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