Best Dogs in Video Games

Best Dogs in Video Games
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Dogs are our best friends! It’s impossible to get enough of their loyalty, goofy behavior, and lovable personalities. That’s why we also love seeing them in video games. Here are the best games featuring dogs to play on your high end gaming computer.

Argos — Final Fantasy 14 Argos has an important role in Final Fantasy 14. He belonged to Venat a while ago and has survived through time to become a familiar and mount. Being able to ride on the back of this majestic, golden dog is one of the highlights of completing the game.

Dogmeat — Fallout Fallout is an apocalyptic game set in a radiated future full of dangerous mutated creatures and people. Along the way, you can bring companions along with you to aid you in fights. One of the most iconic of those companions is Dogmeat. He’s a German Shepherd who is able to find you useful materials and loyally fights by your side. He first appeared in the original Fallout game and played a big role in Fallout 4. And in Fallout 4, Dogmeat can’t die!

Mabari — Dragon Age: Origins This companion is one of the most faithful and lovable. No matter what you do, the mabari will remain by your side. While kind to you, the mabari is ferocious to enemies. He is skilled in battle, knocking down enemies and then ripping them apart. While the mabari is not as vocal as other companions, there are still funny interactions and you have the ability to get and give gifts to him. You can also decorate the mabari with warpaint and collars.

Dog — Fable 2 While nameless, the dog in Fable 2 plays a big role in this fantasy RPG. This loving companion protects you in major boss fights and is part of a lot of major options, including a major reward at the end of the game. You can choose money, reviving a person, or revising your dog. And there’s a reason a lot of people choose to revive the dog.

Sif — Dark Souls Now it’s time for a dog on the opposite side of the alignment chart. Sif is a boss fight that had people defeating a wolf that was simply protecting the grave of its fallen companion. It’s a huge, epic wolf carrying a sword, but while it looks badass, many people felt connected to Sif due to the tragic reason behind his aggression. It hurt many people to fight him. Many wondered if they could get around fighting him but the boss battle is unfortunately not optional.

D-Dog — Metal Gear Solid This dog is first seen as a little puppy being held by Snake. You’ll notice right away that they have matching eye patches from this point onward. D-Dog grows from a puppy to an adult military dog throughout the game so you get really close to him. D-Dog is a useful character at this point, tracking down enemies and even taking them out. D-Dog can wound and kill enemies.

These are the most iconic dogs from PC games that require a high end gaming computer. The range is just as real as the variety of dogs you’ll see in real life. From loyal companions to ruthless trackers, these dogs play a huge role in their games and have made a huge impact on players.

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