Benefits of SIM Based Tracking System - Is it Better than GPS Tracking?

Benefits of SIM Based Tracking System - Is it Better than GPS Tracking?
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Sim based tracking systems are one of the most cost-effective ways to track & monitor valuable fleets or assets. For this, you don’t have to invest in GPS tracking hardware, need an internet connection, or most importantly, you don’t need a smartphone. Yes, even a simple feature phone can help trace locational data & movement of vehicles or assets. 

Let’s find reasons why investing in a cost-effective, customizable, and configurable Sim-based vehicle tracking system is a good deed.

Just 12 Reasons to Adopt Sim Based Tracking System

SIM-based tracking involves GPS tracking with a SIM card and serves the following benefits across various applications and industries.

  • Real-time Location Based Tracking

SIM-based tracking traces users’ real-time locational addresses and activities. It is useful to monitor vehicles, assets, and even individuals. Best for logistics businesses who wish to track their consignment, carriers, and personnel en route to the delivery destination. Sim based vehicle tracking system is handy for anyone wanting to ensure effective fleet management and personal safety.

  • Accurate Tracking (minute-by-minute)

Tracking through SIM cards utilises GPS technology of cellular devices. This sim based tracking system fetches data points from cell phone towers approximated around cellular devices. All this helps get accurate location data with quick refresh rates. This level of accuracy stands best for navigation apps, geofencing, and route optimisation software solutions.

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  • Data Security

SIM based vehicle tracking systems ensure high-end data security. With top-notch security features such as tamper or anti-theft alerts, asset or vehicle owners can stay notified whenever any danger sweeps in. Sim based vehicle tracking systems are very useful in protecting valuable assets, vehicles, or consignments in transit from theft or misappropriate use.

  • High Efficiency

Sim based tracking helps businesses optimize operations and reduce costs. They are significantly cheaper and more accurate than GPS tracking. Their precise location tracking helps monitor vehicle and asset usage, track shipments & deliveries, and improve overall efficiency.

  • Utmost Safety

Sim based tracking as a part of GPS fleet tracking solutions is very safe and secure to use in any case, be it fleet management or individuals looking to keep tabs on the location of loved ones. A GPS vehicle tracking software, driven by location based or sim based tracking, ensures a high level of safety. Fleet management software application or navigational app always asks for users’ permission before starting the tracking.  

  • Recording of Historical Data

Modern SIM-based vehicle tracking systems in force with GPS tracking solutions help store and analyse historical location data of vehicles. This further helps look at past trends in route management, driver behavior monitoring, and overall fleet performance and efficiency. 

  • Geofencing

SIM-based tracking devices when used in force with comprehensive fleet monitoring solutions, they help fleet managers create virtual boundaries or geofence. Geofencing helps fleet managers mark zones they want their fleet to specifically move around. 

When a tracked object, vehicle, or asset enters or exits these predefined zones, fleet managers receive alerts  - to stay protected from any uncertainty. 

  • Maintenance Monitoring

For vehicles and equipment, SIM-based tracking can help monitor maintenance schedules and provide alerts when maintenance is due — based on usage or mileage. Moreover, when combined with video telematics solutions, it can help keep a watch on driver's in-cabin activities and conduct on road. 

  • Theft Recovery

In the event of theft, SIM-based tracking stands as best aid to help recover the stolen assets. by providing their current location to police and law enforcement. 

  • Customization & scalability 

Since every business or industry has unique needs, the market-offered best SIM-based tracking software comes with a high level of customisable features & settings. Software users can ask for tailored tracking parameters according to their specific needs and requirements. Thus, it’s best to go for a comprehensive GPS vehicle tracking software company that could address that. 

  • Cost Savings

While managing logistics needs on a wide level, every fleet manager would love to save fortunes on operational costs. Sim based vehicle tracking systems with comprehensive route and fuel monitoring solutions help pick optimal routes. 

By optimizing routes, fleet managers can reduce fuel consumption, reduce time of road, and prevent theft. Thus, it is safe to say that IM-based tracking can result in cost savings for businesses and individuals alike.

  • Compliance

In industries like transportation and logistics, location-based tracking through sim carrying cellular devices helps meet compliance with regulations around asset safety and monitoring of vehicles & assets — head on.

Important Takeaway!

Though sim based tracking appears to be very friendly and easy to accommodate, it’s a must to note that its application must keep privacy and security concerns in the loop. Proper user consent and security measures must be taken into account while implementing such sim based vehicle tracking systems, for tracking vehicles, assets, or individuals.

Final Thoughts

Sim based vehicle tracking solutions are the best alternative for fleet businesses. Businesses that do not want to invest heavily in GPS hardware and provide fancy phones to their fleet drivers – can get the most from the modern sim vehicle tracking solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions on Sim Based Tracking

  • Who can go for a sim based tracking system?

Ans. Organisations looking to track and manage a chain of fleets or businesses with navigational apps, looking to understand their targeted users’ preferences. Even data scientists wanting to study mobility patterns can go for sim based tracking systems.

Source: Benefits of Sim Based Tracking System - Better than GPS

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