Bellow Seal Globe Valve Manufacturer in Mexico

Bellow Seal Globe Valve Manufacturer in Mexico

South American Valve is one of the best Bellow Seal Globe Valve Manufacturer in Mexico. Bellows Seal Globe Valves are an excellent choice for applications that demand leak-proof operation, resistance to high temperatures, and reliability in handling hazardous materials. Their unique design offers numerous benefits, making them a preferred choice in industries where safety and efficiency are paramount.

The installation of Bellows Seal Globe Valves involves specific considerations to prevent debris accumulation in the bellows. The valve is connected in a way that minimizes tension on it. A unique approach is used, involving a metal tube connecting the bonnet and valve stem to create a frictionless, leak-proof seal. Accordion ribs allow the bellows to stretch and compress with the stem’s linear motion, ensuring no leakage. An extended bonnet port serves as an inspection point for fluid leakage, and detection sensors can be calibrated to detect bellows seal breakage, facilitating immediate action and maintenance to maintain quality operation.

In Mexico, we are leading Bellow Seal Globe Valve Manufacturer. Our satisfaction and understanding of our products are important to us, and we look forward to addressing any questions you may have.


  • Body
  • Bonnet
  • Seat
  • Disc
  • Bellows
  • Actuator


  • Leak-Proof Operation
  • High-Temperature Applications
  • Durability
  • Maintenance-Free
  • Cost-Effectiveness
  • Wide Range of Applications
  • Compliance with Regulations
  • Reduced Emissions


  • Electric power industry
  • Textile industry
  • Petroleum industries
  • Fluid pipeline of water
  • Sewage
  • Construction
  • Fuel oil systems
  • Feedwater or chemical feed systems
  • Boiler and main steam vents and drain.
  • Turbine lube oil system


  • Utilized to control the flow of chemicals, acids, and corrosive media.
  • Found in refineries and petrochemical plants to regulate the flow of various media.


  • Body material: Cast Iron, Cast steel [A216 WCB, WCC, LCB, LCC, WC6, WC9), Ductile Iron, Stainless Steel [SS316, SS304, SS316L, SS904L, CF8, CF8M, F304, F316, F31L, F51, F3, F55, F91]
  • Class: 150 – 2500; PN10 – PN 450
  • Size: DN 10 – DN 1200
  • Ends: Butt weld, Flanged, threaded, socket weld
  • Operations: Hand-wheel operated Globe Valve, Pneumatic actuated Globe Valve, Electric actuated Globe Valve, Gear operated Globe Valve

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