Jacketed Plug Valve Supplier in Mexico

Jacketed Plug Valve Supplier in Mexico
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South American Valve is the leading Jacketed Plug Valve Supplier in Mexico. Our industrial valves are simple and adaptable to a wide range of machines. The valve is a specialized type of plug valve designed with a surrounding jacket or cavity encasing the valve body. This unique feature enables precise temperature regulation of the process fluid. These valves find extensive use in applications where maintaining the temperature of the fluid is essential to preserve its viscosity or prevent freezing.
The construction of the valve typically involves the use of cast or forged steel for the valve body. This robust body not only houses the internal valve components but also serves as a structural foundation for the entire assembly. Surrounding the valve body is an additional cavity or jacket that accommodates the temperature control medium, facilitating efficient temperature management of the process fluid.
South American Valve proudly leads diverse industries and applications, prioritizing temperature control for optimal process efficiency and product quality. The Jacketed Plug Valve is the key solution for industries where precise temperature regulation is critical.

• Body
• Bonnet
• Jacket
• Plug
• Seat
• Stem

• Precise Temperature Control
• Prevents Fluid Solidification or Crystallization
• Reduced Maintenance and Downtime
• Corrosion Protection
• Versatility and Adaptability
• Enhanced Safety and Environmental Compliance
• Reliable Operation

• Chemical Processing
• Petrochemical
• Oil and Gas
• Cryogenic
• Adhesives and Polymers

• Regulating process fluid temperature to prevent solidification.
• Controlling the flow of hot oils and high-temperature fluids.
• Ensuring precise temperature control in pharmaceutical manufacturing.
• Handling cryogenic liquids to prevent freezing or solidification.
• Regulating the temperature of viscous fluids to prevent material buildup.

• Size: 1/2″~24″; DN15~DN600
• Pressure: Class150LB, 2500LB; PN16 PN420
• Body material: Carbon Steel, Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel
• Operations: Hand Operated, Gear Operated, Electrical Actuated, Pneumatic Actuated

Visit our website for more details: https://www.southamericanvalve.com/product-category/jacketed-plug-valve/

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